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whippet dog

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Why does my Whippet dog weeing on his leg all of a sudden? Hi. My whippet dog has these last few days been peeing on his front few legs & He's wee'd on me & my nephew... He doesn't mean it because he's further away. What could this mean? He's 1 and a half by the way. Thank-you for your answers.
How do I move my neurotic dog halfway around the country with minimal stress? Moving from Michigan to California with a whippet. Dog was raised in house with fenced in backyard and another whippet of about the same age.
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dalmatian puppies

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How much exercise does my dalmatian puppy need? I will soon be getting an 8 week old dalmatian puppy. I live in a very large three bedroom apartment with a roof patio area, so he'll have plenty of indoor space. I think I read somewhere ten minutes per one month? I know dalmatians are very active breeds and I'm looking forward to great long walk/runs with him, but I don't know how soon I should be embarking on long walks. Is it ok for their development to have lots of exercise? Is it better to have lots of little short walks whilst he's only little and then progress to longer walks?
How much chicken should I feed my 12 week old Dalmatian Puppy? We have chosen the BARF Diet? I want to know how to determine how much to feed my Dalmatian puppy. She is of breed Standard and comes from champion blood lines. I have heard everything from 2% of her expected adult body weight to 4 times a day until she lacks interest in food. Please help. 2 wings a meal? More? Do I add anything to it? Are there recommended vitamins?
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greyhound bus

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Where can i catch a Greyhound bus in New York that will take me to Washington DC? I am staying at the Astor on the Park Hotel, which is the very West of Central park (just below Harlem). I am planning on taking a Greyhound bus to Washington, where is my nearest pickup that will take me to Washington DC?
What hotels are near the greyhound bus station in dallas texas? Does anyone know of the greyhound bus station in Dallas Texas? What hotels are nearby? All info and links are appreciated. Thank You :)
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maltese puppies

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How do I place a free advertizement for the sale of my Maltese puppies? I have 4 female Maltese puppies for sale. They are American Pet Registered and have their shots. They are 12 weeks old. I am willing to listen to any reasonable offers on the price of them. They are purebred and very cute. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. My telephone number is (702) 655-6056.
Where can I find maltese puppies that are inexpensive in price in Salem Oregon? Im looking for maltese puppies anywhere from Salem to Portland area that is not expensive so if anyone could let me know I would apperciate it very much!
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pomeranian puppies

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Where can I find Pomeranian puppies in or near Maryland for a good price? I have looked almost everywhere for Pomeranian puppies, but I haven't had much luck. If anyone knows someone or can give me a site it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
What is Weaning puppies and when will pomeranian puppies open their eyes? I've been reading about the weaning process but it doesn't tell me what it is. My pups will be 1 week old on tuesday. Also, When will Pomeranian puppies open their eyes?
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beagle puppies

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Where to find beagle puppies for sale in Tel Aviv? My family is moving to Tel Aviv soon, and we're looking for beagle puppies. Is there any dog breeders or pet shops around the area? I can't seem to find anything useful online. Thanks. We're looking for beagle breeders or pet shop in Tel Aviv. Thanks!
How do I get my beagle puppy to stop biting people? My little male beagle puppy can not stop biting fingers, toes, ankles, arms, limbs, etc. I push him away and slap his hind with a newspaper pretty hard, but it only seems to make him want to bite me more. I have given him tons of toys but nothing seems to interest him unless its a human body part. ; / How do I get him to stop biting people? Or how do i at least get him more interested in his doggie toys?
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dachshund puppies

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What are good names for dachshund puppies? I am getting two dachshund puppies and we are trying to the of names for them but we cant think of anything. I want cute names not like tough names but not like cupcake and stuff haha I will try to put pictures of the puppies they are both males, Thanks! I will give points for best answer!! you have to highlight the website and right click it then press go to website if its not working sorry :) Thanks again!!
Where to find miniature dachshund puppies in Oklahoma? Please only respond if you're going to be serious. I am looking for miniature dachshund puppies for sale in Oklahoma. The money will be raised by myself, so I don't want prices like $600. That's way too much to earn by myself. Color and coat aren't of importance. Can you please help me find a companion? Thanks so much!
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retriever training forum

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What are the rules and requirements for hunting trials, and how do you train? I asked this question yesterday but I didn't get any good responses, so I'm trying again. Can I have links to sites and books please? I'm researching for a story. Also I need to know, when is rabbit season and can a non-AKC dog participate in the trials? More specifically I'm working with beagles and rabbit hunting. And I need to know how you first train to hunt alone and then how you would train if another dog was introduced to make a pair. Thank you!
Is it ok for the puppy to sleep in the crate all night? I just got this 9 wks old golden retriever, he won't stop barking all night last night (1st night). We currently use a gate to fence him off in the kitchen (because everywhere else is carpeted in our apartment), but he doesn't like it and will pee and poop everywhere in the kitchen. Should i get a crate for him instead? I just thought he'll have more room in the kitchen then to be confined in a crate. If i do get him a crate, can he sleep in the crate all night? I mean when we go to bed, we should put him back in the crate right? And just ignore him when he barks? He wakes up really early, do we have to wake up early with him too? Do we put his food/water tray in the crate too? The breeder gave us a towel with his mom's scent on it, but it's not helping. We have lots of toys for him and some chewing stuff. I don't want him to be scared of us in the beginning by ignoring him all night. ARGH!! HELP!
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poodle skirts

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What would you call the style of skirt that is a poodle skirt? I want to sew my own skirts and I want them long and poofy like poodle skirts...but without the poodle...I don't know what sewing pattern to look up because I don't know what style of skirt that is?
What type of fabric to use for a poodle skirt? I am planning on doing a poodle skirt for Halloween this year. I have been doing research on what type of fabric to use for the skirt but I do not want to use felt or felt like fabric. Some website tell me not to use silk and other do others say cotton others don't.All i know is that I should use stiff fabric. I do not know much about fabric, looking for some recommendations to make a poodle skirt. Something that looks like the real deal, just not felt
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pug puppies

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How old should pug puppies be to take them away from their mother? I want to adopt pug puppies but I don't know how old they should be before I take them away from their mom.
Why the difference in price on these pug puppies? I want a small dog, and the little pugs are just too cute. I was wondering why, I found 2 different named pug puppies, one micro (5000,) and one just miniature, (950.) Why the big difference and price, and are these different, or the same thing?
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chihuahua puppies

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How much should newborn Chihuahua puppies be fed? I have 2 Chihuahua puppies about 3 days old. I've been hand feeding with a syringe because I don't think the mom is feeding then since she's too hyper to be still. I have one of them separated because she's always pushed off to the side. The other one whines constantly until you pick her up or she is near her mom, but I never see her nurse. I have a puppy bottle, but they don't seem to latch on. I don't have a scale so I can't weigh them. So, how much should I be feeding them per day? Thanks in advance.
Can I bathe my three week old chihuahua puppies? I have six, three week old chihuahua puppies and I was wondering at what age can I bathe them? And is it safe for me to bathe the mother even though she is still nursing? They do have fleas and that is my main concern. And if I can not bathe them does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to get rid of the fleas? And with what would you suggest bathing them with?
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boxer puppies

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When do I start feeding my Boxer puppies dog food? My boxer puppies are 3 weeks old and starting to get their teeth. Born 6/3/08. When should I start them on dog food? What kind? Do I mix it with water?
Is it better to get a 6week old boxer puppy or a 13 week old boxer puppy? Ok so I've been lookin to get a boxer puppy. I've found one person who has 6week old boxer puppies that are 350$ akc registered. And another one who has one that's 13 weeks old ckc registered for 300$. I've heard that its best to wait to get one 8weeks old. Any advice or comments are welcomed I just wanna make the right choice
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bulldog puppies

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what are good chew toys and regular toys to give to a litter of english bulldog puppies? We have 4 english bulldog puppies that we are keeping. They are 9 weeks old. What is the best toys for them to play with. Are they too young for rawhide bones? Thanks in advance!
How to find a good prospective French Bulldog puppy buyer? I have recently had a litter of 6 vibrant, healthy and plump little French Bulldog puppies after mating my Ellie (3 years old) to E-Jay (1 year 5 months old). This was my first litter of puppies ever. My dogs weren't tested for anything and aren't Champions but Ellie and Kaylie's parents are both AKC Champs (they are sisters) and E-Jay has a Grand Champion father. Also, all their generations were tested for genetics. I have NO idea how to find a good, worthy puppy buyer for all my puppies. I would be willing to keep a few but I really want to sell them all. Any suggestions? After confirming with my vet, there are 3 males and 3 females in her litter - all black and white. I don't want any of my puppies going to bad, unworthy homes so how can I find a good owner for them all? I have set the price at $1700 for females and $1300 for males but this may change as they grow. They are AKC registered, vet checked, wormed, microchipped and are currently a week old. Thanks. Oh and don't worry. I am not selling them yet, I just want to take deposits so I have homes lined up when they are older. I plan to sell them after they are 9 weeks old. Basically all I want is the new puppy buyer to be worthy, loving, able to afford and care for a puppy forever. They must know things about the breed and must be willing to fix their pups before 12 months old unless I decide that they can breed them.
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labrador puppies

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How do we take care of labrador puppies in such a hot climate in chennai and what food to keep them healthy? Chennai is very burning hot these days and i have two labrador puppies with me. What should i do to keep them away from this heat and what food should t give to keep them healthy and strong? I also want to take them to my home town by train from chennai to guwahati. What are the safety measures needed to take while travelling by train.
What is the most effective way to stop my 10 week labrador puppy stop jumping as soooon as possible? Please help me. I know labrador puppies jumps a lot because they like to play a lot and moreover lab puppies are most affectionate one and they are jumping to express their love. And the most funny thing is Iam afraid of this little puppy when he jumps at me!!!!!! So I have to stop his jumping behaviour as soon as possible to train his obedience lessons. Please help me!!!!!
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How can I stop my boyfriends brothers pitbull from harassing the family doberman? This male pitbull is about 3 years old and isn't neutered. The female Doberman is like over ten years old and is spayed. He keeps licking her and barking at her and trying to hump her every second of the day. I feel it's a dominance thing but I want it to stop. The dobi is old and small for a doberman. She's fragile and doesn't like it. I don't want this blue pit to hurt her. They've been living with each other since he was a puppy and got along fine. The past few days this has been going on and it's pissing me of, I have to keep my dobi in my room all the time because he won't leave her alone. How do I stop this? Neutering is out of the question, it's not my dog. He's also untrained and doesn't go anywhere all day. He's stuck in the house all the time, I feel bad but theres not much I can do. I have a gated area at my dads house, If I took him there and let him run around for a while, would he calm down?? It's not my house, it's my boyfriends parents house and he lives there, so he keeps the pitbull there. Like I said a lot of things are out of my control in this situation. I'm just sick of him bothering her all the time. And the gated area is HUGE and has a lake on it. He could run around wherever he wanted and not get loose. Not neutered because he wants to breed it. Sorry about these details I failed to put in the first time. Family doberman means it's not mine. It's actually the boyfriends brother's but he hasn't done anything with it since she was a puppy, so it's pretty much become his parents dog. Although when I moved in she started favoring me the most, so I GUESS she's mine lol. No I joke. I can't take him anywhere else, especially on a walk because he isn't trained and he'd be to strong for me to keep control of him on a leash. ._.
What are some songs by Pitbull and Daddy Yankee that are completely in Spanish? What are some songs by Pitbull and Daddy Yankee that are completely in Spanish? Also, some other artists like them? Anybody know any good ones? Thanks!
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