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beagle puppies questions answered!

  • Where to find beagle puppies for sale in Tel Aviv? My family is moving to Tel Aviv soon, and we're looking for beagle puppies. Is there any dog breeders or pet shops around the area? I can't seem to find anything useful online. Thanks. We're looking for beagle breeders or pet shop in Tel Aviv. Thanks!
  • How do I get my beagle puppy to stop biting people? My little male beagle puppy can not stop biting fingers, toes, ankles, arms, limbs, etc. I push him away and slap his hind with a newspaper pretty hard, but it only seems to make him want to bite me more. I have given him tons of toys but nothing seems to interest him unless its a human body part. ; / How do I get him to stop biting people? Or how do i at least get him more interested in his doggie toys?
  • How do I get my beagle puppy to stop crying when I leave? I just brought home a 6wk beagle puppy a couple of days ago. When I went to leave for work today I put her in her crate and she started whelping immediatly. She was so loud and living in an apartment I was afraid she was going to wake my neighbors so I got her out and soothed her till she fell asleep. Does anybody have any suggestions? I can't do that every morning or I will be late for work.
  • How do I convince my parents to get another beagle puppy? I use to have a beagle puppy, but after 9 months, my parents couldn't handle him. They thought he was too big and too wild... Any suggestions on how to convince them to let me try once more?
  • Where can i buy a beagle puppy in Queensland? I want to get a beagle puppy around 6-9 weeks old. I'd prefer a boy and the seller or breeder has to be in queensland or happy to courier to queensland. Something with a reasonable price is wanted. Does anyone know where i could get this puppy from? Thanks! Well i'm not a total idiot obviously i don't have a local animal shelter or even an rspca that sell beagles.
  • What should i feed my beagle puppy to put on weight ? I have a two and half months old Beagle puppy, it is feeding on 1and1/2 cup of dry food every day (3 times a day) but has lost the puppy fat and is looking very thin. What should i feed her to gain weight.
  • How do I see the difference between a good-breed beagle puppy than a non-good-breed one? I'm looking for a beagle puppy but I don't know what caracteristic I have to take care of in order to buy a good-breed one
  • How do I get my beagle puppy to be less hyper around people? I have a three month old beagle puppy. she's a great dog. but while walking her whenever we pass other people and/or dogs she starts pulling and gets overly excited. sometimes so excited she bites these people. shes NOT an aggressive dog. but with other dogs or anyone passing by she gets different. not mean. just super excited. i would like her to get to meet others with a much more calmer attitude. what do i do to tame that?
  • How do I get my new beagle puppy to sleep through the night? My boyfriend and I just got a beagle puppy and he wakes us up every 2 hours just wanting to be held. Any ideas on what to do about that. Will that change? This is our first time having a puppy. We are not exactally sure on how to potty train him too
  • How do I go about establishing my beagle puppy as a therapy dog? My 5 month old male beagle puppy is pretty special in my opinion, and although I do not know much about it, I think he has the potential to be a great therapy dog. He is incredibly calm, loves people, loves affection and responds very well to reward based training. Does anyone own a therapy dog? Or know of how I might go about training my beagle to become one? Jazzie, I'd love an answer from you! Thank you!