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beagle dogs questions answered!

  • How to get a Pug/Beagle dog to stop barking? I have a 1 year half pug hald beagle dog. He is a great dog in all aspects but lately (past month) he seems to want to bark at everything he sees. Even when there is nothing there is still barks. How do i get him to stop? And i had a dog trainer for 3 months...this is the one thing bad behavior wise that has remained...
  • Why are conservatives okay with using beagle dogs & nonhuman primates in testing but not embryonic stem cells? these animals deserve more respect and love than to be forced to suffer simply because you're uncomfortable with using human genetics to further science. the embryonic stem cells don't even feel pain like a beagle dog does or a nonhuman primate can.
  • why is medical testing on primates and beagle dogs okay but using guilty as sin rapists or murderers is not? are you telling me that no matter what a human does, it will always have more value than an innocent, gentle animal like a beagle dog or a primate? animals who have emotions and can think and feel pain? who gave us this bs hierarchy? do not justify your stance of unconditionally pro-human (if you do take that stance) with god or a human soul as there is probably no such thing
  • How do atheists feel about medical testing on beagles and gibbons? Why not rapists and murderers? To you which is morally disgusting? Is medical testing on beagle dogs and gibbon apes morally right?
  • How can you train a dog to live with cats? I just moved to another state, and I had to leave my two beagle dogs ( Jake and Ozzie ) at home with my family. Now I live with people who have two cats ( I'm not a cat person ), and I really miss my dogs. I want to get another pup but I don't know how to make sure it won't hurt the cats, or vice versa. How do you get a beagle to like cats?
  • where should i buy a rabbit for training a beagle dog? where should i buy a rabbit that is in the birch run area but the rabbit needs to be good for training a beagle dog my dog is a blue tick rabbit hound her name is oreo shes still kinda young shes like 1 - 1/2 years old.
  • Is it illegal to keep a dog alone for 3 days? Me and my family are going camping and we have 2 beagle dogs. We wanted to know if we could leave them alone in the garage for 3 days with enough food and water, or would it be against the law?
  • How to help a dog that has separation anxiety? Like I mentioned before, I've just grown aware that my beagle dog has separation anxiety. What are some tips or advce you guys can give me to lower his separation anxiety. I hate seeing him sad when I leave but I have to work and his dog kennel is where I have to keep him otherwise he'll break everything inside the house. Help? I've thought of getting him a mate but I'd rather just wait a little longer.
  • What do you do with an obese beagle that no longer loves you? Clarification: do all six year old beagle dogs sound like pigs searching for truffles and become crotchety? Ellie sounds like a pig sniffing for truffles. I've noticed this trend in other beagles as well. Is it common for their breed?
  • How can you teach your dog like a professional? I'm getting this Beagle dog and I can only teach it the basics like sit, lie down, paw or fetch but I can't teach it how to run in between poles, ring a bell when it wants to go out and jump over hoops or something. Pease help me!