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beagle rescue questions answered!

  • Where can i find a beagle rescue? I'm thinking of adopting a puppy beagle at a rescue but I'm having problems trying to find one. Does someone know where one is in the Colorado area?
  • Has anyone adopted from the Atlanta Beagle Rescue? I am looking to adopt a beagle puppy around Christmas time and have been looking into the Atlanta Beagle Rescue and I was wondering if anyone has ever adopted a beagle from here or knows someone who has. I just want to make sure it is a legit place and everything. Thanks! Kristy
  • how much excerise should a beagle have? I have a 7 month old Beagle (rescue dog actually) I take him for walks throughout the day amounting to aproxminatley 3 hours each day excluding training and playing time. Is this enough for him or should he be excerised more? He is quite well behaved but very destructive at times
  • What is causing female dog to urinate inappropriately? My female 3 year old corgi/beagle mix rescue dog hasn't been the same since she came in heat about 8 weeks ago. The little dog is very well trained about going outside. She obeys better than my rat terrier who is 5 years old and is a rescue dog also. My rat terrier and the corgi tolerate each other but can't share anything. They eat together, sleep together, go outside together and never fight. They might snarl at each other but never fight. My corgi mix started about 3 weeks ago peeing on the carpet at the end of the bed. My vet said to put a spray that will stop her from urinating there. It's worked great. I've been able to steam the carpet and clean it thoroughly. However, my husband tonight got into our bed and found a huge puddle on his pillow. Since I sprayed the carpet, she's now going on the bed! What could be causing there bizarre behavior? Is it hormonal? My vet says a pet calming aid will help her. Is it related to being in heat? She wasn't near a male so she can't be pregnant. Please help. I love this dog dearly. Thanks.
  • How can I train my beagle to stay or come? My new beagle that I rescued from the shelter is really friendly. He follows me everywhere, so I find it difficult to train him to stay. But if he finds something interesting to smell, he won't respond to me. I've found that whistling or snapping sometimes works, but I need more help. Thanks!
  • How to potty train a 6 month old beagle? Our new addition to our family is Buster he is a 6 month old Beagle that we rescued. I've only owned 2 dogs and have owned them since wenned. I've never had to potty train a 6 month old. Any suggestions would be great...
  • What size bed should I get for my Beagle? I just got a little beagle from a rescue, she's about 2 years old, and I need to get a bigger bed for her. I had a size small bed for her, but she out-grew it!! I'm going to get her another, I want a very nice one, but I don't want to have to get her another. What size bed is perfect for a full grown Beagle?
  • What are some beagle rescue sites in Aussie? My friend really wants a beagle she has everything ready but she aint got the beagle. She is an animal lover like me so she always helps at the animal resciue that i own and she wants o rescue the beagle so do ya no some beagle or dog rescue sites??
  • how can you determine why a dog is biting and can they be retrained? My friends mother has a beagle she rescued some time ago. The problem is that from time to time the dog becomes very aggressive and from what I am told attacks various family members.Most of the time it seems to happen if you are reaching in her direction or you move toward her too quickly.Her mother has been told she should have the dog put down but I suspect abuse since they have no history from a previous owner.The dog has been this way since they got her.I am positive that there is retraining to correct this instead of killing the dog but we don't know where to find the info we need.can anyone help?
  • How can I find a good home for my beagle? My beagle is 4 years old and I have raised him from puppyhood. Unfortunately, I am a full time student and work a lot and must be away from home for many hours a day. My beagle is very attached and he cannot be left alone for more than a few hours without howling nonstop. I feel bad because I try to give him as much attention and love as I can, but I want to be able to have my own life too. Also, I have tried very hard to train him to be more calm, but nothing seems to work. I feel that it would be better for him and for me for him to find a new home where he could receive more attention that he needs. I am afraid to give him up because I don't know who I can trust to take care of him. I am afraid to use craigslist and I don't know what is the best way to go about finding him a new home. What should i do?