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beagle pictures questions answered!

  • How do I train my 1 year old Beagle and Lab mix to walk on a leash? I have a 1 year old Beagle/Lab mix and she hates walking on a leash. I want to take he camping with my boyfriend and I but I dont know if I should.She does fine without a leash but there is always that one chance that she wont listen to me. What should I do?
  • how long before atheists start hanging pictures of darwin all over their houses? and getting little candles with the 'beagle' on them and burning them like hispanic catholics do with those jesus candles?
  • is it bad to breed a mini dachsund and a beagle? can the Female mini carry the pups? We just got a mini Dachshund puppy and a beagle puppy, Dachshunds female, the beagle is male. We have never breed before but thinking the mix would be cute if it doesn't kill the mom or pups. Obviously we have some time but wanting to know.
  • Any thoughts on what this beagle might be mixed with? We found a small beagle-looking dog. She's beagle sized and marked, but she has a wavy streak down the middle of her back. I've never seen a beagle with wavy fur. Anybody have any ideas? I don't think you would see the waves in a pic. She looks just like a beagle until you get close -- then you see that she has a swath about three inches wide down the middle of her back that's just a little wavy.
  • How to calm down my beagle puppy? I have a foot beagle puppy he's 10 months old and completely wild! He eats through everything and never sits down. Is there anyway I can calm him down? Thanks :) He gets a long walk at least once a day sometimes twice we have tried training him but it simply hasn't worked!
  • what does a beagle and a hungarian vizsla mixed breed look like? My dog is a beagle mixed with some other dog. i got a book on dogs from the library and it looked like she was a mixed breed between a hungarian vizsla and a beagle. But i wanted to make sure.
  • what is the cross between a bluetick coonhound and a beagle called? What would it be called? An Example: A Beagle and a Pug would be a Puggle.
  • Why do bassets and beagles have speckled legs? I notice a lot of bassets have spotted legs and some beagles too... My basset/beagle has speckled legs. Does this mean at some point they've been bred with spotted dogs?
  • What is the mix breeding of beagle and english cocker? Please help!! i am going to get this kind of dog soon and i want to see it in a picture please!!!! and tell me whats a mut and can i see a picture of that? I need a nice picture and a nice information only in a website? who ever i like I will let it be the best answers for sure? make sure that it is the correct INFORMATION
  • How can I stop my Beagle puppy from biting when he's excited? I have a 2 month old Beagle puppy, and when he gets excited, e.g after going outside, he starts to nip people and sometimes bite us, and he bites our clothes. We've given him toys, and he plays with them for a while. I've tried clapping and yelling stop, but he keeps going. It's not an aggression problem, because when he's not excited he's really nice to everyone. How do I stop this?