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beagle mix questions answered!

  • How do I get my australian sheperd/beagle mix to not get overly excited when he sees another dog? I recently adopted a one year old australian beagle mix. He's very well trained and good with kids and even has a new friend named bear (lab puppy), but when I take him for walks, if he sees another dog he gets REALLY excited and jumps and whines and barks and tries to get to them. How can I get him to stop doing this?
  • How to house break my a 6 year old beagle mix? My mom adopted a 6 year old beagle mix from the animal shelter. Hes a great dog he just has a problem with going outside. Me and my husband are helping her out by taking him out since no ones really home. We take him for long walks but he still poops in the house. He will pee outside but he wont poop. Oh and also why does he love to sleep under the bed? If someone can help that would be great.
  • How large do you think a German Shepherd Dog/ Beagle mix would grow to be? The female dog I adopted yesterday is already 18 lbs and is only a few months old... The foster family thought that she was a Dachshund/ Beagle mix, but as I continue to look at her, she looks more like a German Shepherd Dog mix... How large do you think a Beagle/ German Shepherd would grow to be?
  • Should I be concerned that my beagle mix is throwing up her food then eating it later? I have a beagle mix (almost 6 months old) who has recently began to throw up her food...and eat it. She then returns to the bowl and does it all over again. Any recommendations? I've changed the food, but have yet to take her to the vet. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Where can I get a Cocker Spaniel Beagle mix? We are looking for a Cocker Spaniel Beagle mix dog. If you have one to give to a good home please put info below if you want to give away. Please we have been looking for one for a long time.
  • Can anyone give me more information about a Husky/Beagle mix? My husband and I are very interested in adopting a puppy. The humane society has a husky/beagle mix female puppy that is absolutely beautiful and we would love to adopt her. However, before getting in over our heads, we wanted to find out more information on these types of dogs. Can anyone help?
  • how can we stop a beagle mix from running out of the house? How can we stop a beagle mix from running out the house when she goes outside we have chase after her i am afraid that she will get hit by a car.When we open the door she will run out.We really need help.Who owns a beagle mix before.
  • Are there any health issues I need to know about for my Cocker/Beagle mix puppy? We recently adopted a Cocker spaniel/ Beagle mix puppy from the pound. I'm just wondering if there were any breed specific health concerns I should be aware of.
  • how tall will a beagle mix dachshund will get she have more beagle in her .? A question about dogs i have a puppy and is a Beagle mix with dachshund and i want no how tall she will get both parents are Beagle mix with dachshund. See some peoples say she wont get that tall but longer and wider but others say she wont she will get taller and IKD. That's y i ask and my dog is not a mutt I no what she is.
  • How to groom a Shar Pei Beagle mix? I have a 3 year old Shar Pei Beagle mix (SharpEagle) dog. She is constantly shedding everywhere! I groom her regularly but her fur still manages to get around. Also I bathe her almost every 3 weeks, yet her fur stinks. I heard that this is because she has wrinkles. Any advice?