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pomeranian husky mix questions answered!

  • Is there anyone in Indiana that sell pomsky puppies in Indiana or Northern kentucky? I fell in love with pictures of pomsky puppies, they are pomeranian husky mix and would love to find one
  • What is so wrong about getting my mixed breed pup from a breeder or a pet store? So me n my girlfriend are getting another dog today and its a pomeranian/husky mix and i asked a question about what to name her and a lot of the answers were saying that they hoped we weren't getting her from a breeder or pet store? i don't understand why they said that though can somebody please explain it to me?
  • I want a mixed dog anyone know any breeding sites? I desprerately want a pomeranian husky mix also know as a pomsky! does anyone know where i can find one or a site that i can talk to a breeder on? i know this exists and i would really appreciate if all the negative comments would stop.
  • I am getting a wolf mixed with a husky but my dad has a pomchi at home. Would the wolf mix hurt the small dog? I am looking for a puppy and I found someone who has puppies that are Husk's mixed with wolf . But my dad already has a Pomeranian. Would the husky mix kill/injure my dads dog? I'm not saying I am getting one and I probably wont but the owner cant take care of them and they need a home. It was just curiosity.Please don't yell at me
  • Should I breed my husky mix and pomeranian? I'm thinking about breeding my white husky girl Sierra, she's a timberwolf, white alaskan husky mix with my boy Parti colored Pomeranian Thor, thus creating a unregistered breed the "Pomsky". Which if you don't know what they look like google a Pomeranian Husky mix, and you will see they are quite adorable. Sierra should be going into heat this summer, and I'm nervous about the whole thing, its never too late to get her fixed, but any advice or comments? I've never bred dogs before but my mom bred cats when I was younger, I know kittens and puppies aren't comparable but I'm excited for the experience, I know Sierra will be a good mom:)
  • Is there such a thing as a pomeranian slash husky mix? Or maybe a husky that status the size Of a pomeranian or pug? And what's its official name?
  • Is there such thing as a pomsky? A pomeranian and husky mix? If so, can you please tell me where you would find one. Thank you very much.
  • Where can you find pomskys in ohio? Me and my mom are looking for pomskys in ohio. A pomsky is a pomeranian and a husky mix. If you can give a link that would be helpful. Thanks ツ
  • How do I keep my pomeranian cool in the hotter months? I know poms pant a lot anyway but my 8 month old pomeranian is panting excessively now that it's getting hotter outside. She is full-coated and I know it's not good to shave the coat as it ruins it. (I am a groomer, but this is the first long coated dog I've ever owned personally). I was just wondering if she'll be okay or if there is some way to make her cooler in the summer. Any advice is great, Thanks!
  • What are some small Husky mix breeds? I love Huskies! I love the way they act and look. I had a Husky when I was a kid, but sadly it isn't around anymore. I just finished university and I want to get a dog, but I don't want to get a big dog like the Husky, I want a small Husky type dog. What are some small popular Husky cross breeds? I want a small one because when I was little I had my parents with me to pay for the Husky, but now I am alone and I don't want to spend too much in food and other dog supplies.