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pomeranian breeders questions answered!

  • What Virginia pomeranian breeders would you recommend? I am looking for a reputable pomeranian breeder in the virginia area. I would prefer it to be an AKC inspected kennel.
  • Where are some great pomeranian breeders and shelters in Colorado? I would like to know where I can find some great pomeranian breeders or shelters in Colorado.
  • Looking for locak AKC Pomeranian breeder - Where to start? I'm looking for a local AKC registered pomeranian breeder, but for the life of me I'm not sure where to start. I'm honestly a bit intimidated, and didn't really want to email the AKC quite yet, but does anyone know of a website or listing somewhere that might help me in finding an AKC pom? I don't care if their puppies, I'd actually rather adopt an older dog. Thanks so much.
  • Do you know a good pomeranian breeder? I live in NYC and I'm looking for a good pomeranian breeder with decent prices, websites would be good too. I have nothing against rescue groups, but when it comes to toy dogs, you dont get what you want, I want a pure breed and a pom that is a few weeks old. I went to a pet store the ones that I did go to did not have any, only yorkies and some other toy dogs.
  • Could you recommend a serious NY pomeranian breeder? Hey, my family lives on Long Island, New York and we're really serious about getting a Pomeranian puppy. I've been constantly searching the internet for breeders and have not yet been successful. I'm actually getting a bit frustrated. I am not interested in any generic breeder search links. If you, or anyone you know, have had personal experience with a pomeranian breeder around the New York area, please let me know. Thank you.
  • I saw a pomeranian breeder, and the puppy was trembling the whole time. Could the puppy be unhealthy? I went to see a Pomeranian breeder today who had a pure white 9 week old pomeranian for sale. According to the description, the dog was supposed to be active and attention seeking. However, when I saw the puppy, it looked like it was trembling from fear. It seemed unhappy, scared, cold, it was difficult to look at. I asked when they separated it from the parents, and I was told 4 weeks prior, which meant that the puppy would have been 5 weeks old at separation. Do you think this could have accounted for its trembling behaviour? The owner claimed that the puppy was just nervous with strangers, but the puppy would not even stop shaking while in the arms of the owner. She even said that she had to prod it with a stick for 20 minutes to get it out from hiding under the car so that she could show it for us. This all seemed very strange to me. Although the fur was a beautiful white color, it seemed not very lush and thick, and the belly seemed to have some kind of a blotchy color. It was not pure pink, it seemed to have blotchy grayish spots developing. I had seen other pomeranian breeders prior to this who's puppies seemed very active, warm, happy and unafraid of being handled. Do you think getting the first mentioned pomeranian would have been risky? Although she claimed it had been vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated, she did not have any papers to offer, and she even said she would discount it if I paid it cash. The fact that the puppy was pure white, which is a very difficult color to find, it seemed like something I couldn't pass up. However, there was just something I felt I couldn't trust about this owner. I am really not sure if she was looking for the best interest of the puppy. Please any advice would be appreciated. Additional Info: I really wanted a pure white pomeranian, and this is the first time I have been able to see a pure white pomeranian puppy in my country (Australia). Although white Pomeranian are very rare and sought after, the fact that this one was separated at 5 weeks old and was trembling, despite the owners description of it being playful and attention seeking, really concerned me. I was even considering settling for a cream colored puppy which I saw at another breeder prior, because the well being of the puppy seemed so much better, they said they would give me papers to prove the vaccinations, etc. and they wouldn't let me take the puppy until it turns 8 weeks old. Anyway, any words of advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  • How do you find responsible breeders close to your area? I live in a small town and I'm looking for a pomeranian breeder. Not right now. I need one for the summer, when I have more time to devot to the pup, but I want to extend my knowledge. Any websites or tips?
  • Does anyone know any Pomeranian breeder websites that deliver their puppies & they're not scams? I want to know if there's any Pomeranian breeder websites that deliver their puppies & don't scam people. Thanks!! I live in Hawaii
  • how do i find a local pomeranian breeder please help? my family and i are trying very hard to find a teacup pomeranian breeder in our local area and i having no luck.i want to be able to see the dogs in person and not have one shipped i have tried so many websites even akc and i just cannot find anything. we are in kansas near topeka and if anyone can help me i will be so grateful i have tried the pomeranian club and i cannot find anything does anyone know of any breeders in my area with websites?
  • How can I tell if a 4 month pomeranian will have a nice coat when it grows up? I have tried comparing pictures of him to other 1 month pomeranians and then seeing what they are like when they grow up, but I am not having much luck... and suggestions? If you are a pomeranian breeder, feel free to say so here if you want to see a photo, then you could maybe help me out a bit. thank you :) He is fed innova dog food =)