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pomeranian for sale questions answered!

  • Where can I find teacup Pomeranians for sale in manitobe ? I've tried searching pomeranian for sale in manitoba so if up know of a website for Pomeranians for sale in Manitoba please tell me.. Also I've already tried Kijiji and websites like that .
  • Does anyone know where I could find Pomeranians for sale in Ontario? Any websites with pomeranians for sale, or breeders with websites? Or if there are any stores you know that carry Pomeranians? I am able to go anywhere in the province to pick up the pomeranian so aslong as it is in Ontario, I am able to drive and get it. Thank you!
  • Can i train a 7 month old puppy to be how i wont it? Hi i have been looking for years for a Pomeranian puppy and have found a 7month old pomeranian for sale. I was wondering if i could train it not to bark and things like that even though it is 7 months old? Thanks :) x
  • How Much Is A Pomeranian in general? I've been trying to look it up but it keeps popping up to be "Pomeranian Puppies for Sale!" Can someone help me?
  • Where can i find purebred White Pomeranians for sale cheap? I'm looking for a cheap Purebred White or White mixed colored Pomeranian Puppies. All the sites i find are very very expensive or dont have puppies.
  • how can i convince my mum to get me a dog? i really want a dog. I've taken care of the dogs my relatives have for like a week. She says they need alot of care and it costs a lot to take care of them. i found a Pomeranian for sale at 300 dollars and really want to get it but my mum keeps saying no. plz can some one help me.
  • where can i find a pomeranian puppy in texas? I live in texas and I am trying to find an affordable puppy. I am looking for a teacup pomeranian preferably somewhere in texas so i can drive to pick it up rather than having it shipped. If anyone knows a good website or breeder please let me know.
  • How much do pomeranian dogs buy for? So my boyfriend wants to buy me a pomeranian puppy. It doesn't have to be full breeded. But I just want it to be a girl, with light brown fur!