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pomeranian dog pictures questions answered!

  • How to differentiate a pure Pomeranian dog from a Pom-Spitz? I'm planning on buying one but can only see pictures online/or sent to may mail. I just want to make sure that it is pure. What parts of its body should i look at just to make sure that it's not a pom-spitz? Thanks. Given the fact that some pomspitz, by chance, resembles a nice looking pom, what are the key features to look at in order to say that it is a pomspitz and not a pure pomeranian?
  • Does anyone know if I can make money from my cute dog pictures? I have a white pomeranian and I can get the neatest pictures of him. He would look so cute on calendars, posters, mousepads and any type of doggie collectable. Is there anyway for me to get him out there? Even start with picture contests? Please let me know.
  • Is it ethical to kill a mink for a dog? I saw a web site where they are selling a mink coats for dogs. I saw pictures of Chihuahuas and even Pomeranians wearing real mink coats!! Is this ethical? But I guess we do eat chickens, cows, pigs right? We do feed our pet snakes mice right? So I don't think it's unethical if a person wants to spend the money for a doggy mink coat in my opinion. What do you think?
  • What is your most favourite breed of dogs and which one do you you preferer? What is your favourite breed of dogs and maybe include pictures in google? And would you rather have Golden Retriver or Pomeranian or Cocker Spanial? Thnx!
  • Can dogs make out pictures on a television screen? It's just something my parents and I have been wondering for a while. If we point to the TV in front of my dog and call her name, she won't look at it. But last night when I turned on my TV, I could of sworn she stared at it when it lit up. Can dogs actually see pictures on the screen?
  • How do I get my dog to stop biting my socks? Ugh its so annoying! Everytime i wear socks near him he bites my feet and tries to take it off and it really hurts. Hes a pomeranian thats wild and almost 1 year old. I tried pushing him with my other feet but he just attacks back!
  • What breed is my dog most likely mixed with? I got her from the pound and they said she was a pomeranian crossed with something else they weren't sure of. She's quite a large pomeranian and has the same markings as a german shepard except with a bit more black. She isn't fluffy as such, but more so long haired. Does anyone know what other breed she could be mixed with? I'm just curious :)
  • What is a good breed of dog to get to be a buddy to my 7 month old English Mastiff.? I have a 7 month old English Mastiff, he loves the pug next door that he plays with through the fence, but I don't know if a little dog would be a good idea even though I've seen people have a Saint bernard and a Chihuahua and they are the best of friends. Any thoughts?