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maltese puppies questions answered!

  • How do I place a free advertizement for the sale of my Maltese puppies? I have 4 female Maltese puppies for sale. They are American Pet Registered and have their shots. They are 12 weeks old. I am willing to listen to any reasonable offers on the price of them. They are purebred and very cute. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. My telephone number is (702) 655-6056.
  • Where can I find maltese puppies that are inexpensive in price in Salem Oregon? Im looking for maltese puppies anywhere from Salem to Portland area that is not expensive so if anyone could let me know I would apperciate it very much!
  • How to register a litter of Maltese puppies sired by AKC male but dam is registered by CKC? How can a litter of maltese puppies be registered by the AKC if the dam is registered by the CKC and sired by a male registered by the AKC?
  • From where can I buy good Maltese puppy? I live at Georgia, I want to buy good Maltese puppy for my home. I need a place from where I can buy good quality Maltese puppies.
  • How much kibbles should i feed my 17 week Maltese puppy? How much kibbles should i feed my 17 week Maltese puppy?She is 5.5 LBS.She eats less kibble so i mix some boiled chicken or beef in her food to increase the quantity but now she has turned out to be a very picky spoiled eater.I want to know how much kibbles should she eat in a day.Should it be 1 or 2 cup?
  • Where can I find a pure white maltese puppy with blue eyes? I read on the web that blue eyed maltese puppies are not rare, but are considered a fault in the breed. I've looked at every breeder that i could find trying to find a blue eyed puppy, but no luck. I figure that if Im going to lay down this much money for a dog it's going to be exactly what I want. would I get a discount for a puppy with blue eyes if it was considered a fault in the breed? A website that i could go to to see a blue eyed maltese would be greatly appreciated. I Would also like it to be female and reach 3.5-4.5 lbs at maturity Any breeder that I considered would be one that carefully screened the dogs for things such as deafness. I have absolutly no interest in showing or breeding, and if it was deaf it wouldn't be the end of the world. A deaf puppy needs a loving home just as much as a normal one
  • What are the best websites to find cheap Maltese Puppies in Woodbury Minnesota? I really want a Maltese puppy, and everywhere I go to look at them, there 1 grand - 1500! Thats just ridiculous! So I was wondering if YOU have a Maltese, a good place to find cheap ones (: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANSWERING THIS <3 Please somewhere In Woodbury Minnesota.
  • Is it normal for Maltese puppies to chew on everything? My Maltese puppy (8 weeks old) chews on rugs, furniture, toes, etc.. Is it puppy behavior or does it last as they get older too?
  • How much is a purebred Maltese puppies? And does anyone know where and how to find a good breeder for Maltese? I want to buy a maltese puppy now because as stated in my other question, my sister is allergic to the other dog so I found that the maltese is a hypoallergenic dog and I want to get a good deal on a purbred maltese. How much does one usually cost and also how can you find a good breeder? I know that cost is not a major factor please don't think that I'm cheap and just want a good deal. I do want a good dog from a good breeder but with all the stuff going on now, I jsut can't afford a dog that is way overpriced you know what I mean?
  • Where can I find maltese puppies in West Texas? I am wanting to buy a maltese puppy and I live in West Texas. I don't want to spend over $600.00. I am not going to show the dog, it is just for me. Does anyone know where in West Texas I can find a maltese puppy?