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maltese dogs questions answered!

  • How do i help my Maltese dogs to mate? My family has two maltese dogs, one male and one female. The male, is 4 years old while the female is 1year and two months. We are planning to breed because the female has recently go her period but the male is, well a virgin and does not know how to do it, he just seems to hump her side or tail. How do we help him impregante her? Ps we have a family friend who has been breed dogs, so she might help us with the delivery or we will hire a vet.
  • Maltese dogs How much do you have to spend on them in 1 year.? Im going to get a maltese dog and i need to know what to get for them in the first year {essential supplies} and how much it will cost. And the good brands and thing like healthy food. And also how much Maltese dogs cost because i don't want to get the really cheap one with health problems but i don't want to get a highly over priced one. Thank you! :d Thanks a lot its really helpful
  • How Can My Maltese Dog And 3 Month Old Kitties Get Along? I have two maltese dogs and one of them is obsessed with our new kitties. It almost seems like he is attracted to the girl kitty. If you know any way that he can not be so "curious" or how they could get along better. Please only answer if you actually KNOW something!
  • My maltese dog is 45 days pregnant and her vulva is already beginning to swell. Is this normal? Also it looks like she has a puppy in between her butt hole and her vagina... Could this be the reason her vulva is swelling up? By the way I am not a byb! I have two beautiful maltese dogs and I wanted them to mate. Even though the puppies aren't born yet I already gave some away and I will keep one. Any help will truly be appreciated...! She has an appointment with the vet on Monday.
  • What's the difference between a toy maltese dog and a toy maltese puppy? I want to get a toy maltese dog but I just want to know if they stay that small size when they grow into adults. Can someone please tell me, and give me info on this breed, because I don't want them to get big. Thanks.
  • Good book for information on Maltese dogs? I just rescued a 5-6 year old female maltese dog. I have other dogs, but this is the only maltese I have ever owned. I am very interested on reading up on the breed, just for fun. Can anyone suggest a good book I can buy with lots of info on Maltese dogs?
  • Do maltese dogs make your house smell bad? I am thinking about buying a maltese but I don't want my house to smell bad! Do maltese dogs make your house smell awful?
  • What are good ways to help a maltese dog gain weight? My friend has a maltese dog. She has a heart problem and is on medicine. Unfortunately, her appetite has decreased and she is extremely skinny. Her vet just told my friend to let her eat as much as she wants, but the dog is still very skinny.
  • How to teach a 2 month Maltese dog tricks.? Have a 2 month Maltese dogs. I got him like 4 days ago. He doesn't respond to his name and does not know any tricks. How can I teach him to respond to his name and do tricks. As well how do I keep him from smelling bad? I have had 3 dogs before this one. 1 ded an the other two are still alive and I have had them for 10 year so I know how to take care of dogs.
  • How do I convince my dad to get me a Maltese dog? Its ok with my mom but its hard to convince my dad Can you give some good facts about Maltese dogs. Thanks. Whenerver I talk to my dad about dogs he just says dont talk about it for a while Im responceible he just thinks im not but my mom nows I am