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maltese poodle questions answered!

  • what if i mix a maltese poodle with a yorkshire terrier? i have a male maltese poodle that i want to mate with a female yorkie, what will i get? has anyone ever done this before?
  • I am wondering if there are any known leg issues with the maltese poodle breeds? I have an 8 yr old maltese poodle who weighs about 18 lbs. and is currently experiencing rear leg issues. He is limping badly and sometimes will not walk on it. I am wondering if there are any common leg issues with this specific breed. If you have any extensive details on this please e-mail me at, thank you.
  • Any good maltese poodle care or information websites? For a project for school I need to find some websites that give information on maltese poodles, but all I can find is either info on a maltese, info on a poodle, or someone selling a maltese poodle. I can't use the sites with info on maltese and poodles seperately and it has to be from a website. So can anyone find a good one? Thanks! Actually I can find information on them, because I have already, just not enough and I own a maltese poodle so don't call them a mongrel puppy.... if you don't have an answer to my question then don't answer it. I feel bad for the dogs you "train, show, handle and teach"
  • Where can you find a Maltese Poodle around here? Where can you find a Maltese Poodle in Utah?
  • How can I get a Maltese Poodle puppy in Houston, TX? I realize, of course, I can always order online but I don't want to do that. I looked for breeders, etc. but failed to find a suitable one. And, shelters generally don't get Maltese and/or Maltese Poodle puppies that often. So, in essence, I am looking for places to go in Houston, TX where I can buy or adopt a Maltese or Maltese Poodle after seeing the puppy with my own eyes...
  • Can a Maltese poodle have 8 Puppies? My Maltese just gave birth to 8 puppies but one died. Is it possible for Maltese poodles to have 8 puppies.
  • What type of Madan brush is best for a Maltese/Poodle x? I'm want to get a Madan brush for my Maltese/Poodle x puppy but there are different types of firmness and such. I was just wondering if anyone knows what kind is best for a Maltese/Poodle coat? Thanks for any help :)
  • I have a 8 month old maltese and she won't eat what do I do? I got a maltese poodle thats 8 months old, i've had her for 2 weeks already and she doesn't want to eat what I feed her. I fed her the dry food she got fed before with her old breeder and she won't won't eat it. I gave her the wet stuff, she did eat that, but her eyes are getting stained and I'm worried what do I do?
  • suggestions of names for my future maltese poodle mix male? He's a one year old male mixed with maltese and poodle. He's not from a breeder, but rather an owner that can't afford the care. I'm paying a rehoming fee not buying from a breeder. Just wanted to get that out there before the activists have my head. Anyway, he's white, about 8lbs, a year old has had shots. What are some cute but not over-the-top names for a male maltepoo or whatever the nickname is?
  • What can I do to help my dog lose weight? I recently adopted her and she is a Maltese-poodle mix I believe... She weighs ten and a half pounds! Please help, Is exercise and a decrease in food helpings all I can do? She is SUPER chunky. I cannot feel her rib bones, which is NOT normal. She kind of wabbles!