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greyhound lines questions answered!

  • How do Greyhound/Jefferson Lines bus transfers work? I'm in college and I plan to travel from Iowa City, IA to Minneapolis by bus when I come home. I will either be using Greyhound, Burlington Lines, or Jefferson Lines, and I'm extremely anxious about bus transfers! I have one transfer in Des Moines, and I'm wondering what will happen. Does anyone tell you where the next bus you need to get on will be? Will the transfer bus be far away from the original bus? (I have a fifteen minute gap between the arrival of my bus and the departure of the next bus.)
  • where is the closest Greyhound station from LAX airport? I need to catch the 5:45am trip via Greyhound lines from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I am staying for the night before the trip in a lodge near LAX. How can I get to Greyhound station and how much will it cost me? Thanks for your help.
  • What is the fee for a New York "P" endorsement permit? I will be working for Greyhound Lines. I have my CDL-A, but require the "P" endorsement to carry passengers. What is the fee to take the test and get the permit? I just need to know the cost to take the written and get the little permit for my license.
  • Which bus goes from Las Vegas to Little Saigon in Westminster California? We are planning to take the bus from Las Vegas to Little Saigon in Westminster and we heard that there's a bus that will drop their passengers at the ABC supermarket in Little Saigon but I am not sure of its name or contact info (Something like Golden Dragon Bus). Greyhound Lines station is a little bit far so we decided to take a different bus if available. If you know any please provide their names and phone numbers. Thanks..
  • Can I get on a Greyhound bus at a location which I get from google map search? I will travel to another place by Greyhound Bus Service. I get the information that there is a Greyhound Bus Lines‎ at 940 P St, Lincoln from google map search, but also I get that there is a LINCOLN BUS DEPOT in another place from the web site of Greyhound. Can I get on the bus at at 940 P St, or I should go to LINCOLN BUS DEPOT?
  • Does anyone know any coupon codes for greyhound bus lines? I live in Knoxville, TN and am looking to go up to Newark, NJ for my cousin's wedding over Memorial Day weekend. The price for a round trip ticket is a little steep for me, so I'm looking to see if anyone out there knows of any good coupon codes for the greyhound bus line site. Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
  • Is there such thing as a monthly pass for Greyhound Bus lines? I heard rumor that there is a monthly pass you can buy at the Greyhound bus stations for $100.00 that allows you to buy as many Greyhound tickets to as many cities in the continental US that you want, within that month. I just wanted to know if these rumors are true or not and if that is the actuall price of such a pass.
  • Does anyone know how to Become A Driver for Greyhound Bus Lines? I went to the Greyhound Website,they don't offer any information on how to become a driver.I know going to truck driving school would be nessary but after that then what?Has anyone here ever driven for Greyhound,if so what are your experiences?Do you recomened this job?
  • Greyhound Line ONE WAY TICKET COST Philadelphia? Hey anyone here know what a one way ticket to philly on a bus from Greyhound lines would roughly cost. Talking about a Easton PA to Philly One way trip. Along with travel bag.?
  • taking a cruise out of baltimore maryland using Greyhound buslines which is the closet stop to get to the pier? we're using greyhound bus lines because we don' t want to fly but they give many stops in balitmore not sure which one will get me to the pier to take Carnival cruise.