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greyhound bus schedule questions answered!

  • does anyone know how to get in contact with greyhound bus depot in portland to get schedule and prices? I'm wanting to go to Spokane Wa. I need to take a bus and I cannot get any info on the internet on greyhounds bus schedule and prices. The closest i got was the booking desk. I:m not ready to buy a ticket I just need some information. I can't even find the phone number. Is there any one out there that has any answeres or advice Or am I going to have to go all the way dountown to find it?
  • Do Greyhound bus trips last considerably longer compared to driving yourself? I'm from STL, and thinking about making a trip up to Chicago, something I frequently do. I'm getting sick of making the drive myself, so I looked up greyhound bus schedules. I noticed for one trip from here to chicago, its 15 hours long. Is this accurate?
  • What is the best public transportation from Chattanooga Tennessee to Macon Georgia? I need to make several trips from Chattanooga Tennessee to Macon Georgia. However Greyhound bus schedule really don't fit my needs. Are there any other way of traveling between chattanooga Andre there
  • Is Greyhound Bus travel between Houston and New Orleans dangerous? Hi I am from Spain and I will being attending to a congress in New orleans, but my flight arrives to Houston, so I will like to traveling from Houston to New Orleans in the Greyhound bus (night schedule), but i have doubts about if it is safe, I can't rent a car and the am track schedules doesn't match with my flight and congress agenda. Thanks in advanced for any information
  • How early should I arrive if I m taking a greyhound bus during thanksgiving holiday? I am planning to travel from Arizona to California by taking greyhound bus during thanksgiving (9/25/2009) at midnight. I found out that greyhound doesn't guarantee a seat for me even if I already bought the ticket (basically, 1st come 1st serve). So, how early should I arrive at Greyhound station to make sure that I can get a seat on my scheduled bus?
  • How reliable are bus schedules? I'm planning a trip that will involve 2 buses. I go from DC to NY to New Haven, CT. i'm using the bolt bus, then greyhound. if the bolt bus is late, i may miss my non-refundable greyhound bus. how risky is this? there's like an hour or so between scheduled arrival time and my greyhound leaving. i will be traveling on a Thursday, so i don't think too many others will be traveling. keep in mind these are inter-state bus lines. DC-NY is long. sounds like you guys are talking like inter-city buses.
  • Is there a greyhound bus or any bus that will take me from Union, New Jersey to Syracuse University? Is there a greyhound bus or any bus that will take me from around the area of Union, New Jersey to Syracuse University? and if so how much. Thank you!