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labrador puppies questions answered!

  • How do we take care of labrador puppies in such a hot climate in chennai and what food to keep them healthy? Chennai is very burning hot these days and i have two labrador puppies with me. What should i do to keep them away from this heat and what food should t give to keep them healthy and strong? I also want to take them to my home town by train from chennai to guwahati. What are the safety measures needed to take while travelling by train.
  • What is the most effective way to stop my 10 week labrador puppy stop jumping as soooon as possible? Please help me. I know labrador puppies jumps a lot because they like to play a lot and moreover lab puppies are most affectionate one and they are jumping to express their love. And the most funny thing is Iam afraid of this little puppy when he jumps at me!!!!!! So I have to stop his jumping behaviour as soon as possible to train his obedience lessons. Please help me!!!!!
  • How long can i leave a labrador puppy alone for? Hi we are thinking of getting a labrador puppy but as mum works on a Tuesday for 6 hours, Dads at work full time and we are at school. So he will be left alone for 6 hours mum may be able to come back for about 10 minutes at lunch. Will this be ok to leave him here that long and is there any tips? Thanks allot!
  • Labrador puppies - will mother fret if they all go to new homes at once? We have three Labrador puppies, 7 weeks old today. They have had their first immunisation, are all weaned, socialising together and are all ready to go to their new homes next week. I am wondering if we have all three go at once to their new homes, will the mother fret when they're gone. We are possibly able to stall one of the owners, so would this be a better option, rather than have them all leave at once?
  • How old does a labrador puppy have to be in order for it to remember what it has been thought? My 2 month old labrador puppy is very smart but it seems he does not know it yet. He knows that once he does hi business outside we will be praised and given a treat. But still he does inside even when the door is always open for him and he is a metre away. We do not have a crate. We're not interested in crates so tips with crates won't help. He is very smart though. 1 night he actually mastered crying near the door letting us know he needs to go outside but that was only 1 night. The rest of the days he keeps doing inside. I have tried stopping him exactly before he starts, picking him up and taking him outside but then he does not do it. Apart from the bladder control problem, he is an aggressive biter. He is very cute to play with and we know the difference between playful friendly bites and rough bites. How can we teach him to play friendlier? PS: This is a first for us having a big dog breed in the house. Dunno if it does a difference but before him we had a Yorkshire terrier.
  • How many toys should a labrador puppy have? We are getting a labrador puppy in a few days, we recently went to buy some essentials for him including toys. However I am not sure if we bought enough. We bought a soft fluffy squeaky pheasant, a kong toy, and a tug of war rope. Is this enough, if not could you reccomend other toys?
  • How easy is it to train a labrador puppy? I will be getting a Labrador puppy and I want to keep her inside my house. How hard/easy is it to potty train her. Please give me tips on how to train her. do they shed alot.? will she be good for my 5 year old son? My son is real self cuatious and gets depressed easy he is a single child and i am a single mother are labradors good for his type of behavior?
  • What do you look for when buying a Labrador puppy? I really want to buy a labrador puppy but am not sure what to look for when buying one? Obviously I want it to be healthy but every time I look at the ads they have strange things like their hip score which I don't understand. Any tips on buying one?
  • What do i need to ask breeder before getting labrador puppy? My husband and I would like to get labrador puppy, what are the important questions to ask the breeder before buying the puppy? Any tips for a good breeder for english labrador retriever. Thank you.
  • How do I prove to my parents that I am responsible enough to own a Labrador puppy? I really want a yellow female labrador puppy but my parents don't think i'm responsible enough and I ussually wake up late so they think I won't take it out for walks. I already have a siamese cat and they think that's enough. But I really want a dog. Sometimes i'm lazy with my cat so they think i'll be lazy with the dog. But I won't and I really wanna prove that to them but how? They also think a labrador is too big and how do I prove that it's not? Help please!