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greyhound rescue questions answered!

  • My new rescue dog is terrified of me. How do I get her to respect me? I got a 6 year old Italian Greyhound rescue dog two months ago with my wife. She has been through a lot in her life, but we are trying to give her a happy life. However, she loves my wife, responds with wags and kisses when she comes home, but doesn’t even look in my direction when I come home. Furthermore, she is terrified of me to the point of biting and running away when I try to pick her up. Tonight, as I tired putting a harness on her, I literally scared the poop right out of her. Although she lost all her teeth and her bites don’t break the surface, it is really hurting my pride. I feel frustrated and upset. I am trying to be firm with her, but I seem to be traumatizing her worse and worse with each attempt at conditioning her. What do I do to make her respect me?
  • Retired greyhounds can get hurt "when they come to the end of a tie-out"? I'm not sure what this means. I copied it from the Website of a local greyhound rescue center. Does this mean that if you have a long leash, it'll accelerate like a Porsche and get hurt when the line runs out?
  • How can I get a neighbour to remove her dead trees? Our neighbour runs a Greyhound Rescue business out of her home (in a residential area), so we are already not on good terms with her. Now she has several dead trees on her property that are leaning towards my house. One branch is broken off and hanging over the roof above my sons room! How can we get her to remove the trees before a windstorm takes them down and damages my house?
  • How long should I volunteer before finding employment with a pet store? I have been volunteering for 1 month with greyhounds at a greyhound rescue and I am having a really great time helping out with the turnouts (walking them). I wonder how long should I wait before apply for a job at places such as petco or petsmart.
  • What can I do to help stray animals worldwide? I love all animals really, really passionately and my favourite animals are dogs. I am 18 and I have previously persuaded my mother and my grandmother to donate to Rochdale Dog Rescue. We also sponsor three dogs (two from the Dogs Trust and one from a southwest England greyhound rescue group). I have also signed and shared online petitions regarding the treatment of strays, shared links about urgent dog appeals on Facebook and all three of our cats (we do not have any dogs at the moment) are rescue cats. When I finally move out, I would love to adopt a rescue dog and a rescue cat. I also plan on working with animals before, eventually, becoming a full-time author. If I ever get a lot of money from my stories, I will probably be donating some of it to at least 5-10 different animal charities and animal-related causes. However, I am feeling a little disappointed and upset at the moment because I have just learned that one of the dogs whom I tried to help by sharing the link to the page about her on Facebook, on loads and loads of different, relevant pages, has been killed. I know that she was just one in amongst billions of other dogs like her, but I still find this quite upsetting, to say the least... Thank you. Any good answers that. I may get will mean a lot to me, so thanks in advance.
  • can I adopt a dog from a shelter in a different city? I want to adopt a dog and I want to know if I can adopt one from a shelter that's in a different city then our home?? I first wanted to adopt from a greyhound rescue to find a female companion for my male labrador but the woman said greyhounds aren't very playful for my kinda dog..So I want to check out shelters..So can I adopt from a shelter that is about 25 miles away from our home? Because the local shelter around here probably aren't as big..??
  • Italian Greyhound rescue adoption agencies in Seattle? I am interested in adopting an Italian Greyhound rescue. I submitted my application over 2 weeks ago to IGCA Rescue. Because it's an all volunteer group the adoption process is very slow. Does any one know of a rescue group in the Seattle area or another way to get an Italian Greyhound? I'm not interested in purchasing one from a breeder or puppy mill. I want to save one that needs saving. I'm really excited to have an iggy become part of my life. Thanks for your help!!
  • Will a Grehound rescue be a good choice for a second dog? Currently, I have a 11 month old Rough Collie that loves to play and run. We had a Yellow Lab puppy in our home for a few months as a favor to one of my friends, but now that the Lab puppy is gone, my Collie has no 4-pawed friend to play with and has recently begun to demonstrate some separation problems. She jumps on the door as we try to close it when leaving the house to check the mail, and attemps to refuse to go into her crate when we are leaving for work to name a few obvious ones. We've been very attentive to her when we're home and are giving her plenty of play and excersize, but it seems that if she doesn't have someone around, she doesn't seem happy. She howls and cries constantly untill someone comes to let her out. (I found that out when I was home sick from work) When she is with us she behaves as she normally does. I've been thinking of rescuing a Greyhound from the racetrack for months now, but I am unsure if the breed would be able to handle such a boisterous puppy. The only greyhounds I have had the pleasure of meeting have all been many years older than any dog I would get at a greyhound rescue. Would a younger Greyhound be a good match as a companion for my Collie?
  • What Greyhound/Whippet Rescues are in Southern Ontario? I am looking to adopt a greyhound or a whippet, but need help finding any and all rescues in southern ontario. I am really looking for a low adoption fee facility as I can not afford to whip out $400 right now, but can afford to buy things for the dog and care for it once I have it. Can you help me find Greyhound/Whippet Rescues?
  • Dog collars, like the ones that Greyhounds usually ware? I have been looking for the really neat dog collars that most Greyhound owners seem to have on there dog. The collar is thick wide and I don't think the collar has a clasp or a buckel, at least I don't think they do. If anyone knows what I am talking about, please direct me to an online store that may sell them or to a Greyhound rescue that may sell them. Thanks