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dalmatian puppies questions answered!

  • How much exercise does my dalmatian puppy need? I will soon be getting an 8 week old dalmatian puppy. I live in a very large three bedroom apartment with a roof patio area, so he'll have plenty of indoor space. I think I read somewhere ten minutes per one month? I know dalmatians are very active breeds and I'm looking forward to great long walk/runs with him, but I don't know how soon I should be embarking on long walks. Is it ok for their development to have lots of exercise? Is it better to have lots of little short walks whilst he's only little and then progress to longer walks?
  • How much chicken should I feed my 12 week old Dalmatian Puppy? We have chosen the BARF Diet? I want to know how to determine how much to feed my Dalmatian puppy. She is of breed Standard and comes from champion blood lines. I have heard everything from 2% of her expected adult body weight to 4 times a day until she lacks interest in food. Please help. 2 wings a meal? More? Do I add anything to it? Are there recommended vitamins?
  • What food should I feed my dalmatian puppy? I have a 4 month old male dalmatian puppy he is up to date on all vaccinations he is on advantage and heartguard. I have been having trouble getting him to poop solid its been either too soft or diarrhea. He has seen our vet and she ran medical tests on him he is completely healthy she suggested I change his food she believes he has a sensitive stomach. He is eating Blue Buffalo puppy food with the life source bits right now. I have also fed him Wellness just for puppy but he didn't really eat it i guess he didn't like the taste. He loves the Blue Buffalo and eats it right up but my vet thinks it may be too rich for him. So I need help what should I try feeding him that is as high quality as Blue Buffalo and Wellness but will be more gentle on his stomach? I need help getting him to poop solid!! My vet did offer me science diet which she sells at her office but I am absolutely not feeding my baby science diet, pedigree, purina or any of those other bad foods.
  • What should i feed my dalmatian puppy? i badly need advice on what kind of food to feed my dalmatian puppy...if you know anything helpful...thanks!
  • Where can i find a dalmatian puppy for sale near where i live? My boyfriend wants to buy a dalmatian puppy but the last dalmatian dog he had died about a year ago and the place he got them isn't selling them anymore so if you no any places near River Falls WI were willing to drive about 1hour to 2hours to go pick the dog up thanks for you help
  • Where can i buy a dalmatian puppy? I really want a dalmatian puppy, im living in belfast so need to find somewhere around the north and south of ireland. Please help me get a puppy :)
  • What should I name my dalmatian puppies? I am getting 2 girl dalmatian puppies and need to know some names. All advice would be appreciated!!! THX :)
  • We can I find a Dalmatian puppy in the Houston/Austin Texas area? I am looking to buy a Dalmatian puppy somewhere around austin or Houston Texas. Please let me know if anyone knows where I can find one. I am looking to spend around $150-$200. Thank you!
  • How much a Dalmatian puppy costs in Chennai? how much a Dalmatian puppy costs in Chennai? Please tell me. some pet Sellers are asking much money
  • How to stop a puppy from biting someone? I have a dalmatian puppy and it is biting our hand or some toys very often. It is 90 days old..........will it stop doing it? How to train a puppy to stay alone in house for about 4 hours? My puppy shouts continuously for about 5 hours when no one is in home.