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dalmatian rescue questions answered!

  • Are their really all white or albino Dalmatians? In the 2001 disney movie 102 Dalmatians one of the dalmatians, Oddball has a totally white fur coat with NO SPOTS! I've seen all white Dalmatians on animal planet when they went into a Dalmatian rescue center. But do all white or albino Dalmatians really exist?
  • Is it unusual for a Dalmador to have spots? For those of you who don't know what a "Dalmador" is, it is a Dalmatian/Labrador Retriever mix. I got mine from the Dalmatian Rescue when she was 2 1/2; she is 5 1/2 now. Back to the topic: today I googled "Dalmador" and out of the pictures that I found, only one particular dog had spots like a Dalmatian, the rest were black. My Dalmador has spots all over.
  • How can I get my Dalmatian to get along with other dogs? I rescued him about 2 years ago and I love him to death! He is great with my two little dogs and loves attention from humans. My mom took him to a dog parade last year and he was mean to all the other dogs. I can't afford classes for him, so I'm looking for something I can teach him myself. Any ideas so we can go to dog parks to run around and make new friends?
  • Would a Dalmatian be a good dog to have with my small pets? I have done research about Dalmatians and would really like to adopt one. I have a little Maltese dog, a rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, and 2 rats that all get along together. My maltese, Kayti is very loving to them and would never hurt them. Would a dalmatian be okay around them or would she/he attack them? Would she/he be a good playmate for a little dog? Thank you all for your answers. :)
  • Hi there! For anyone who owns a Dalmatian, approximately how much exercise do they require? I'm very interested in purchasing a Dalmatian puppy. I'm an owner of a Labrador Retriever. I generally take him on two half an hour walks a day, and take him on hour long runs combined with swims twice a week. Should I expect more for a Dalmatian?
  • How easy are dalmatians to train? I am really interested in getting a dalmatian! How easy are they to train and are they obedient? Also, can you walk them off lead?
  • Did you see the story about a Dalmatian being trapped under rock for 4 days and the owners never gave up? The dog was found alive thanks to the owners and rescue. Four days! Amazing, what are your thoughts and how do you think he/she survived? I have only seen it on TV. I looked it up on the web but haven't yet seen the story. I am sure it will be - so keep tabs on my account and I promise I will post when I find it!
  • What are compatible tankmates for a Dalmatian Molly? Okay so im getting a 65 gallon community fish tank. The fish i aldready know i want are dalmatian mollys...anywhere from 2-4....but since dalmatian mollys are brackish water fish. Then what are some good tankmates for a dalmatian molly? And do any of you know if plecos can live in brackish water?
  • Does anyone have a dalmatian for sale in minnesota or wisconsin? we are looking for a new dog. anyone selling a dalmatian puppy in minnesota or wisconsin or iowa please comment. WILL NOT BE WILLING TO SHIP PUPPY BECAUSE OF FRAUD!
  • How do you train a dog that never barks, to bark in certain circumstances? This is the opposite problem from what a lot of dog owners have. We just rescued an otherwise friendly and apparently well-adjusted 3 year old Dalmation from a shelter, so we don't know anything about his history. He seems alert and happy, and loves to play with toys and with people. We've had him now several days and have yet to hear him bark, even once. We don't want an out of control barker, but would like him to let us know when strangers are about, and know that he's got at least some protective instincts. How do we train him to let him know it's okay to bark in certain circumstances? Maybe he's still getting adjusted to his new home. He is very active, inteligent and alert with no apparent hearing problems.