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dalmatian dogs questions answered!

  • what is the phenotype of a dalmatian dog genotype BB? Dalmatian dogs can have black spots or brown spots. The colour of spots is determined by a gene that has to alleles, B and b. Allele B gives black spots. Allele b gives brown spots and is recessive. what is the phenotype of a dalmatian dog genotype BB? and how do you work it out?
  • what is the characteristics of a dalmatian dog? how good is a dalmatians dog?
  • Where can I find or how do i make a dogs tail? For Halloween I am gonna be a dalmatian dog and I have every part of the costume except a tail! Does anyone know where I can find one or how can I make one?
  • When a dog rode on a firetruck, why did we even need them to come in the first place? In books or movies, you would see the Dalmatian dog ride on the firetruck and the firemen would come to the rescue and save the people from the burning building...why did they need that Dalmatian dog to come with them?
  • Where can I find a Dalmatian Dog Costume? Hi, My friend wants to dress up as a Dalmatian (as in dog) this year for halloween. She is a plus size and needs help finding one. It needs to be somewhere between 3x-4x. It could be online or in a store. If someone can please help us, that would be great. Thank you!
  • What did you misunderstand when you were little? My sister thought a dalmatian (dog) was called a foundation.
  • How would you explain the Gestalt principle of "Emergence"? In the Wikipedia entry of Gestalt Psychology, the principle of "Emergence" is defined as "the process of complex pattern formation from simpler rules." The example image provided is the dalmatian dog that is immediately visible despite a lack of clarity. I understand that the brain essentially fills in the gaps of the image using the patterns visible to understand the existence of the dog, but I don't understand how that relates to the definition of "the process of complex pattern formation from simpler rules." Could someone expand on this definition a little for me? Thanks!
  • What is the best time for my Dalmatian dog to get pregnant? My dalmatian is 7 months old and she got her period two times already. Is she not young enough to have puppies? About my questions here, some people thought that my dog was hit by another dog that early but she's not. She got her menstrual period for 2 times already and she's just 7 months old. Too early for her to have it. That's why I am asking this question here. Thanks guys to some who anser my questions earlier. I really appreciate it very much. Happy New year to all.