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dalmatian molly fish questions answered!

  • how can you tell if a dalmatian molly fish is a boy or girl? we have 2 dalmatian molly fish and they are nipping at each other and hitting each other with their tails. does this mean they are trying to mate?
  • How can I stop my Molly fish from breeding? I recently bought two Dalmatian Molly fish from a local pet store to be my dorm room pets. One is male the other is female. Now I know that Molly fish are prolific breeders and that keeping the two sexes in the same tank isn't really a great idea, my huge mistake. What I want to know is what natural conditions, besides separating them, will prevent or at least put a damper on their breeding? Note: They do not have a heater and are only in a 1.7 gallon tank. I am not a fish person so all info on Molly fish is welcome.
  • What kind of paint is safe (for fish) to use to paint decor in a fish tank? I'm considering buying a dalmatian molly fish. I'm a dog lover at heart, so I thought it would be fun to place a mini doghouse into the tank as decor and as a place for my fish to hide, should it feel the need to do so. I found a wooden dog house made for hamsters at my local Petsmart and I'm considering using that. If I do, I would like to paint it before putting it in the water. What kind of paint would you suggest to use? I don't want to poison the poor thing.
  • I need help with a sick dalmatian molly fish.? I have a female dalmatian molly fish who seems to be on death's door step. She developed a small red spot on one of her gills. The spot seems to be going away but she is barely moving and will probably die very soon. Any help on what to do to save her? I've had problems with ammonia levels but after frequent water changes and treatments I think it's under control now. Any help?
  • how long does it take for swim bladder in mollies to be cured? I have a Dalmatian molly fish with swim bladder issues. I put her in a quarantine tank and I've been giving her a thawed frozen pea everyday. I was wondering how long till she may be cured and can go back with the other mollies?
  • How long do you keep baby molly fish separate from the adults? My dalmatian Molly had babies about a month and a half ago. I have isolated the babies into a separate tank. They are growing and maturing quite nicely! They seem to be bigger than the other fish's mouths, however I'm still timid about adding them to the big tank. I have a Dalmatian Molly, a Gourami, an Angel fish and a Bristlenose Catfish. Would it be safe to put them back now, or should I wait longer? Thank you!
  • How long can a Dalmatian Molly live with untreated swim bladder disease? I have a Dalmatian Molly which has had the swim bladder disease for 3 MONTHS and I just found out that she had that disease! And I also found out that it can be fatal if left untreated!!! :( so is my fish's time almost up? I need a few days to get the treatments so what is the maximum time it can last in a Molly?? Please help!!!!!
  • My Dalmatian fish keeps swimming at the top of the tank? I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 dalmatian molly, 1 black molly, 1 swordtail, 1 black neon tetra & 3 neon tetras. I've had the tank for a month now and when I first got the tank and put the fish in there he was fine, he was swimming around every where. Now I noticed that he only swims around at the top now. Could there be something wrong with him?
  • When do Molly fish like to have their babies? Where in the tank do they like to have them? I have a dalmatian Molly and want to give her the best environment to have them!