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dalmatian breeders questions answered!

  • How to become a reputable Dalmatian breeder? I have always owned and loved Dalmatian's and it's now that I have decided that I want to breed but to do it right. I know all there is to know about the breed, I know that it takes money and a true love of the breed to breed correctly. I have only ever had Dalmatian puppies who have champion pedigrees and who were BAER tested, sire and dam tested for hip and elbow dyaplsia. I know that I want to show my dog and before I breed, she would gain her Champion title with the AKC and I would test her for hip and elbow dysplasia. Do you have any advice for breeding? I want to do this right and I am NOT wanting to become a backyard breeder puppy mill person. Helpful adivce only. Do NOT tell me not to breed. If I do it correctly, there should be no problem. I understand about pet overpopulation etc. but I would only breed if I had homes ready for the pups. Yes, I would be willing to take back any dog at any age, would provide lifetime health guarantee etc.
  • Where can I find a Dalmatian or Boxer breeder in Central or South Florida? I don't want to get one from a puppy store because I know the reputation that they have. I have googled and cannot find any actual breeders. I'm looking for one either in the Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale area. Thanks!
  • What can I do to stop my dalmatian from running aggressively out to people when the pass by my house? He is a two year old dalmatian and I got him from the pound. Every time someone passes our house he runs very aggressively out to them. He is very loving to me and my mum but he does not like men at all. I'm so worried that we might have to leave him back to the pound, please help!!!! I have an electric fence for him.
  • Where is there a dalmatian breeder in orange county? Trying to buy a dalmatian but can't find any breeders. Doesn't need to be in orange county but anywhere local would be great. Please help!!
  • is dalmatian an easy to train dog and good for a beginner? is dalmatian an easy to train dog and good for a beginner?
  • At what age will we know if a Dalmatian puppy is gonna be deaf? We are collecting a Dal pup - bitch - from the breeders next week. She is having her hearing tested on Friday. The breeder says that she can definitely hear, as she responds to commands and other noises. We realise that this does not rule out unilateral deafness. When does the 'hereditary' deafness in the breed appear? It appears that I've used a defamatory word!! Sorry - please substitute the asterisks for - FEMALE!
  • What would you tell someone looking to become a responsible breeder? I know a young lady who is very very interested in bettering her breed of choice. The Dalmatian. What advice should I give her. She is planning on purchasing a female and showing her and getting her proper titles. She will do health testing. anything that is required and then some. She is looking for a mentor through the breed club. She knows she won't money from this but it doesn't matter to her. What else can I tell her or what advice can we give her. she is just out of College and is looking for the perfect dog right now I forgot to add her husband (who is a few years older than her is a vet)
  • When is the best time to get a dalmatian male neutered? My 8 month old Dalmatian is becoming rather excited over his bed and is marking his scent a lot more on walks as well as sniffing other dogs for a little too long. I'm worried other dogs may get annoyed with him and even worse aggressive with him.
  • How Much Should I Be Feeding My Dalmatian Puppy? He's eight weeks old, and the breeder said 2/3 to 3/4 of a cup. But feeding him that three times a day seems like a lot for a little puppy, even a little puppy with a lot of growing up to do.
  • How much is one looking to spend on a Well Breed Good Quality Dalmatian Puppy? Also what do you look for in a good breeder? How to tell if you need to turn and walk away? I know a reputable breeder charges more for a well bred puppy but I also know some BYBS will jump up their prices on their badly bred dogs. how do you tell? ADD: NOt Currently Looking for a dog.