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whippet rescue questions answered!

  • Does anyone know where I can get a whippet in central CA? I would prefer a pet quality one and an adult is fine. The whippet rescue does not have anything at this time.
  • Does anyone know where I can get a whippet in central CA? I would like to get a pet quality one and grown is fine. The whippet rescue does not have any available at this time.
  • How do I increase my donations for Chip In online? I have a chipin account for my whippet rescue i run and things are a bit slow. How can i get it out there more? I know its christmas but now is when alot of dogs are coming in? I just need the add to be seen more.
  • How can I stop my dog being destructive and noisy at night? We have just got a 1yr old staffy x whippet from a rescue kennel. She is lovely and soft apart from 1 main problem: She will not leave my side. She can't cope with seperation. This obviously causes problems at night as when we shut her in the kitchen, she starts crying, barking, scratching at the door (she can open it so we have to wedge the door shut from the other side) and she poos and wee's sometimes kicking it around when she is running around crazy! I have read up on this behaviour and it seems she has seperation anxiety. Now I have taken steps myself to try and control this. For instance, I have shut her in the kitchen for small amounts of time throughout the day to try and get her used to being alone, made sure the kitchen is full of positive vibes and calm and relaxing so she feels safe in there, given her lots of toys to stop boredom, and made her stay awake for at least 3 hours before bed time to tire her out. She is still having 'accidents' throughout the night, throwing her water bowl accross the room, and being noisy, though she is settling down quicker having been made to stay awake and running around outside before bed. Lastnight I even sat with her for 5 minutes before leaving but still the same behaviour pattern. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how they are dealing with it. Does it just take time with me doing what I am currently doing? Are the tablets from Pets at Home (Stay Calm remedy) any good? etc. Thanks all! 16 seconds in: Just so you know as you seem to been assuming I have no clue as to how to train dogs... I have had several puppies previously and have trained them all. In fact, I could probably pass an examination on dog training so please do not assume! I have now purchased the Adaptil diffuser as mentioned. I have read all reviews and it is definately worth a try at the bargain price I found it for. Every other tip I have been given I have already read and have been doing. I think as suggested by the first comment, I will keep up what I am doing and hopefully in time (with a bit of help from the diffuser) things should become normal!
  • What is the best & fastest way to adopt a pre-loved, adult Whippet (dog breed) in/around Ontario, Canada? My family and I have spent a long time selecting a dog breed that would be right for our home. After much consultation of friends/family, books & websites featuring online breed-family compatibility questionnaires, we concluded our search, deciding on a Whippet. We also gave a lot of thought to whether we would be better with a puppy or an adult dog. Given that my husband and I both work outside the home (and thus do not have the time required to housetrain a puppy), we determined that an adult dog is the best choice for us. While many breeders etc. offer purebed Whippet PUPPIES in Canada, only two "Whippet Rescue" type adoption agencies offering ADULT Whippets. We've come so far over such a long period of time that the idea of a 1- or 2-year-long waiting list is discouraging. Is there a better/faster way to purchase/adopt a housetrained, friendly and gentle ADULT WHIPPET in Canada? We are located in Mississauga, Ontario (west-GTA/Toronto). Thanks! Natalie This is such great advice - I've found lots already - What a great source of "experts" this has turned out to be for me. Thank you all, and keep it coming! RAGAPPLE - I can't respond to you because Yahoo says your email address isn't confirmed, but I would like to explore that option - please email me.
  • What is the difference in temperment between Whippets and Italian Greyhounds? I have been looking at dog breeds and both the Whippet and the Italian Greyhound seem like good matches for me. Does anyone know of some key differences between the breeds. Or, if you have owned one of these breeds, what was your experience like?
  • Can I use a baby hair brush on my whippet mix? I just rescued a whippet mix, and I noticed he is getting a slight doggy smell (not bad) and some dry flakes. I live in the Northeast, so I got a dry shampoo to try this weekend so he doesn't get too chilled or freaked out by a bath with his new owners. He has very very short hair, and is even naked on his tummy and butt, so he gets scratched and scraped fairly easy. Do you think a (human) baby hair brush would work well?
  • Where can I find a whippet puppy in the metro NY area? I've had no luck - and after a lot of research and thought - I'd prefer a whippet over many other breeds.
  • What breed is healthier or easier to care for? Im wondering wether to get a Italian greyhound or whippet? Maybe even a greyhound. I don't know which choice is the best to pick. And easier to train, and quiet and calm, but hyper and active when it's time to play.