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whippet puppies questions answered!

  • How much do whippet puppies usually cost to adopt? We are looking for a male whippet puppy to adopt and can't find any prices listed online.
  • When do whippet puppies get their adult coats? Hello My whippet puppy is 5 1/2 months old. When will she get her adult coat? Also she had mainly pink skin but has black spots all over her skin - almost like a dalmation. You only see them when she is wet. Does it mean that when she gets her adult coat these will come out as proper black spots in her fur? Any advice welcome.
  • Where can i find a Blue Whippet Puppy in California? I am looking for Blue Whippet puppy but i cannot seem to find any of these dogs. Someone please help.
  • Who here has introduced a Whippet puppy to indoor cats? I'm getting a Whippet puppy in 2 days & have found very conflicting info online about intros. Many sites say to go slow & monitor all interaction to ensure no one gets hurt. Others say that the puppy will need to get (mildly) attacked by your cat to ensure he learns not to mess with kitty to help prevent the whippet from accidentally killing the cat when it is an adult. I really don't want my dog to get de-furred on its first day home but I also want to ensure my cats stay living! My cats have lived with a German Shepard cross before & got along ok-ish but he did love to step on them a lot. I would only like to hear from Whippet owners as Sighthounds are quite different with small furry things than other dogs tend to be! How did you introduce your dogs/cats?
  • I have Guinea Pigs that live in a large sealed cage in my house but I am thinking of getting a Whippet Puppy? The question is quite self explanatory, do you think keeping the pigs in a cage and letting the whippet puppy become used to them while he is young will prevent him from trying to get them through the cage wire? I understand they are sight dogs and originally bred to hunt and attack small animals. What I really should have asked is: has anyone ever had small prey animals and whippets live happily in close proximity?
  • How tall is a whippet puppy? Does anyone have a 3 month old whippet puppy? How tall is he from the ground to the top of his head? Thanks
  • I have a 8 month old Whippet Puppy I need Some advice.? I have an 8 month old Whippet, puppy. I have never owned one of these before, i was wondering of anyone knew of any specifics to training these types of dogs, as normal methods don't work. Please help, Also I know i need to be training her, but my life isn't letting me too busy, Any suggestions on getting her trained? I got her as a gift, for VAlentine's day, Later then found out my lasndlord won't allow dogs here so i have been so busy tryin to find a place for me and my puppy. I don't want to confuse her, but i have been keeping her at my friends until this place opens up in march. I want to be there with her but it is so hard, :( I don't know what to do. I need advice. I totally agree with you, I mean my landlord is being totally wrong, he says i can't have a dog, but the caretaker has one, If i was informed of this before, that would have been great, Can you train dogs to use a litter box, and if so how would i go about start training her to do so. That would be much easier. I dunno, I am just stressed about the situation, I mean i love her to death, but i mean I don't want to confuse her by moving he constantly around. It is so frustrating. I'm worried for her well being. He got her from the pound, so I don't think that she has been housetrained, but she can sit, shake a paw and lie down. I dunno what to do. I"m goin out of town March 11-17 and I dunno what the hell i'm going to do, because my boyfriend may be at work and he is out of town, at the mines.. So i dunno what the hell to do!HELLLP!
  • How do i stop a whippet from chasing a cat? We have a 3 month old whippet puppy that's a boy and when ever I let him out and the cat is around he will fly off and go chase it. I am afraid that he will kill her. And if he stops chasing the cat will he still chase animals like rabbits when he grows up?? Thank you for your help.
  • What is the best way of settling a 12 week old puppy at night.? This is a whippet puppy who is so good in the day and never messes inside but at night he cries and bangs about and even makes messes near his bed. Tried music on etc. but what else can we do?
  • Introducing a border collie lurcher puppy to our 3 year old labradoodle? We're getting a male border collie crossed with whippet puppy in 2 weeks. We allready have a male labradoodle, who is 3, he has been nutered. Does anybody have any good advice on introducing them and getting our dog to accept the new puppy?