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labrador dogs questions answered!

  • Could a Labrador dog get sick from eating a Snickers bar? My neighbor has a Labrador dog. On Friday, while a bunch of kids were walking home from school past our block, one of them (probably 9-10 years old) threw a whole Snickers bar over the fence to the dog. It was a full-size 75-cent candy bar, not a Halloween fun-size bar. Should I tell my neighbor, or keep it a secret? The dog always barks at all the kids passing by every day, so I imagine they were getting annoyed, so one of them threw the candy bar to shut him up.
  • how do i make my labrador dog stop jumping on me? how can i make my labrador dog stop jumping? everytime i come outside he jumps on me...and hes a year old already. he has sharp nails. and he also has a problem jumping the fence. so latley hes been tied up. i want him to run. plz help me. how do you stop a dog from jumping on you AND over the fence? he also bites:( are any of the things i need to buy gonna be expensive? PLZZZZZZ ANSWER!!They might call the dog handler on him!!!! I dont want him to die I DONT HAVE A PET STORE OR VET IN MY TOWN.THE PLACE FOR VET THINGS HERE ARE WALMART.
  • After delivering puppies how long a Labrador dog is ready to mate? After delivering puppies, how long a Labrador dog is ready to mate? physically capable
  • Is it safe to give Labrador dog Raw chicken legs? I need to ask if it is safe to give Labrador dog Raw chicken legs will bone in chicken be fine or it can damage his teeth or any other organ?
  • Going from Canada to Florida with a Labrador dog?? My sister's going to Florida in February with her big Labrador dog. Her vet told her she only needed papers proving vaccinations are up to date. I told her she should have medical papers proving that he is in good health also. What does she really need for her dog? I forgot to mention, she's going by car!
  • Why is my Dalmatian aggressive towards a certain breed of dog? I own a Dalmatian dog. When taking him for walks he sees many dogs and is fine with them. However whenever he sees Labrador dogs especially chocolate brown and black ones. He can get really aggressive. Any suggestions why he is doing this or how to help/ prevent the situation?????? Pleeeasee!
  • How long would it take a Labrador to march from London to Glasgow? A Labrador (dog). I heard a story that a Labrador dog walked from London to Glasgow in two days. I dont think it's true. Please advise
  • Why is it that some Black Labrador Retrievers have their tails cut ? I have seen some black labrador retrievers with very short tails. I have also seen other labrador dogs with long tails. Why is necesarry to cut tails.
  • How do you deal with a dog who is "jealous" of another dog? I have 2 labrador dogs, and they both are father and son. Everytime I pat or caress the older dog, his son always squeezes himself to me and wants to be pat/caress at. How do you deal with these? Yeah the younger dog is usually the feisty one and whenever we take him for a walk it's difficult to tame him because he's so strong. He's even bigger than his father.
  • can i give carrots to my labrador dog as an award thing? my labrador doesnt like calcium tabs or dog buscuits as award thing so i was just thinking as i have heard it somewhere that i can also award my labrador dog with can i do that?