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whippet world questions answered!

  • How hot is too hot for a whippet? If you don't know what a whippet is then you can't help me because they are a very delicate and sensitive breed. I'm asking whippet owners: Is having a kiddie pool, fresh water, and a doghouse in the shade enough to keep my whippet cool during the hot Texas afternoons (heat index 90-115)? This is my first whippet.
  • What are some good ways to make my future puppy not have separation anxiety? Hi , I'm just doing some research before i get a puppy most likely this summer. I was just wondering what some good ways to train the puppy to not have separation anxiety? And once summer is over and i go back to work(teacher), should I put the puppy in its crate while I'm not there? All day? Hopefully will be a whippet
  • if they are going to compulsory microchip all pooches is there anything you can do? are the days of just being to by a dog freely gone ? i feel outraged but this recent orwell move, if i want a dog, i dont want my dog to have a microchip ? i may live in the past, in the good old carefree days...bought i prefer it there, than todays world. is this the way its going to be now in the uk, if you want to get any pooch ? or a certain type? is there anything you can do if you do not like the idea, except go to another country?
  • What is the best dog for hunting? Would a Whippet be better or a Beagle in hunting rabbits and why? What about Greyhounds and Dachshunds?
  • Are females still discriminated against even in world of dogs? So you guys!!! You have all your dogs named after famous blokes. Just to name a few : (Jerry) Springer Spaniel (Jack) Russel (Crow) Terrier (Brad) Pit bull Terries and list can go on!!!! Why there is NO breed named after a feminist hero???? Why not an Ole Oprah Whippet????? Huuuhhhh???? Good Morning St.Lady :) Long time no see :))) Good morning to all good and decent dog lovers :)
  • Which is the fastest dog short distance, the greyhound or the whippet? I wonder if any one knows their highest recorded speeds. I heard that the whippet is faster, but it is difficult to believe as the greyhound is bigger and has longer stride. Also if whippets were faster they would have been used preferencially in regular racing
  • What can we do to help our dog Ben? My Dog's legs and feet slip and stretch apart at the top of the stairs and when he's coming down them. Does this mean he has shoulder or hip problems or something else? The stairs and landing are varnished wood, but I'm thinking he has a little bit of arthritis or associated joint pain. He's a 13 year old mixed breed (labrador/collie/whippet/lurcher) and has been very mobile, agile and active up to this point and has never had trouble coming down the stairs before now. He loves to be where ever we are, so keeping him from going upstairs is not an option. He has been taking Synflex (glucosamine & chondroitin) to help his joints for about a week. What else can we do to fix this? Thanks alot.
  • How much does a whippet cost at a shelter? Does the breed even matter for the price? I heard it does, idk just asking. btw I live it NY if it matters....
  • How bad is it to do nitrous oxide whippets? can it harm u in anyway? I think it kills brain cells.... but is there any bad effects u can get from doing it?
  • Why are whippets and grey hounds so shy? I am at my dad's house and he has some. They are very sweet dogs but not as sociable and outgoing as labs, retrievers and terriers.