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whippet car questions answered!

  • How can I persuade my (almost) housetrained Whippet to 'go' off our property? She's coming up to 15 weeks now and really getting very good about going outside as opposed to indoors! However, outside so far has only been outside in our garden. She's now walking off the property, but so far walks, comes back in the car, and goes immediately to the back garden and pees. Tips please. I PICK UP AFTER MY DOGS - I want tips, not silly comments!! ...... and I'm talking about pee which is not easy to pick up lol
  • My dog cries with excitement when we go on car rides? My 8 month old German Shepherd pup loves car rides so much that he whines and whimpers before he gets into the car, and it's worse when he realizes he can't go. Sometimes I'm afraid the neighbors think we are abusing him by how loudly he cries. He will attempt to knock down the door, pull me off of the porch and scratch up the car door. I take him places, to the park, obedience class, etc., so it's not like he doesn't have his fair share of it. What can I do to calm him down before rides? Thanks for any advice.
  • Female Whippet dog who was very smart and loving. Is this a breed characteristic or did we just luck out? The dog died several years back from cancer but she was truly the best dog we've ever had. She was so smart she'd pick up and differentiate both words and sentences like "do you want to go for a ride (car) vs. do you want to go for a walk. She knew that if I turned one way at an intersection we were going to the vet. She would freak out at thunderstorms but somehow knew they were coming before the clouds even came in, let alone the rain. My question is this: Is this type of intelligence a characteristic of the breed or did we just have an exceptional dog.
  • how can i stop my whippet puppy being so carsick? every time we go on a journey in the car, even just to the vet, he starts panting and salivating and then is sick. i always bring towels and tissues to sort him out, but its horrible. i don't have a crate for the car so don't suggest this.
  • What can we do to contain our whippet mix to the yard? She is a spunk 5 year old dog who has a huge 200/300foot fenced in run. She has broken out countless times. She breaks free of metal/and or leather collars/tethers/etc. She can climb and rip the fence up with her teeth. She loves to be outside, but even though we live in the country we are worried about her getting hit by a car. Please help!!!!!
  • How do I train my whippet to be okay during car rides? I recently rescued a whippet black lab mix from a shelter in a nearby city for my birthday. I have had him for about two weeks now. He is a great dog and I love him. He is definitely more whippet than anything. He has the body shape, the quietness, the stomach sensitivity (he's thrown up in my car three times), the loyalty, the separation anxiety, and really just almost all the characteristics of a whippet. Really, I think he just has the colors and coat of a lab. I work at a doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming facility and as you probably know, many whippets have separation anxiety, a characteristic my new dog shares with other whippets. In order to not make him nervous, and to socialize him, I bring him to work with me. The problem is, he gets very nervous during car rides and has thrown up in my car three times. I don't know what to do, and I have to bring him with me to work. Does anybody have any tips on how to help him not get sick, make him enjoy rides more, or just make it easier for the both of us?
  • What is the best breed of dog for my elderly mother? My mother has told me that she wants to buy a dog. We are both currently researching a breed that would fit best with her lifestyle, and I was wondering if anybody could help us. Because of my mother's declining health, she will not be able to take care of a dog that needs to be walked more than once a day. We are looking for a dog that would be content just playing indoors or keeping her company. Also, I don't want a dog that is big enough to knock her over. We were thinking about getting either a whippet or a boston terrier. Does anyone have any better suggestions? Thanks.
  • What car brand has a logo that looks like a W? It looks like a w in gothic writing on the front of the car Ok It was a new car. I saw it in Canada, but am pretty sure I've never seen one here before, i have however seen it online I just cannot remember the name. It looked kind of sporty. I am 100% sure it isn't a Volkswagen
  • I am extremely worried about going to my wife's parents house with newborn baby as they have a excitable dog? They have a whippet which is very excitable and constantly jumps up and is very unpredictable. Am I being unreasonable but not wanting my newborn in the same house as this dog?
  • Can I inject nitrous straight into my air intake? Ok your probably gunna laugh at this but im going to buy a whippet bottle and chargers AND put a tube from the cab to the air intake right by the throttle body. The truck is a 94 v6 s10. Just want to know if it will work!