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whippet collars questions answered!

  • What collar is better the gentle leader collar or the or halti head collar? I have a siberian husky that pulls and lunges when she sees people and dogs, but when there are no distractions she walks pretty good. What is the difference between the two collars? Which one is better? Do these collars work?
  • What width of collar is best for boxers? My boxer girl has been wearing a one inch collar but it's starting to seem small, but looking in stores all the collars seem to be this width. I saw some greyhounds at the dog park that had these wonderful thicker collars, at least 2 inches, and the owner told me where I could special order them. I'm just wondering what other owners of boxers or similar breeds have found. It seems like one-inch is the standard, have you found this breed requires something wider?
  • what type of training collar should I get? When I was at dog training today, i used her regular collar, and she slipped out of it a few times. The trainer recommended a brand of training collar starting with a M, and i cant seem to remember the name. It was a flat training collar that has a chain it connects to in the back, that connects to your leash. Anyone know what brand this is or what type of collar i should get?
  • Do you recommend Martingale collars for training puppies? My breeder recommended martingale type collars for training my puppy But I had a few questions: When can puppies start wearing martingale collars? Are they effective? Do I need a special leash to go with them? What's your opinion on them compared to normal collars?
  • What size collar should I get for my new 8 week old whippet puppy? We'll be getting her in about a week and I want to have the collar before then.
  • What are some safe dog collar options? I have two whippet pups. Both are super fast and will sprint around the yard looping through the trees and bushes and they sometimes tackle each other. I thought about break-away collars but for safety concern I need a collar that will stay on them if they escape. I know there are many cases of dogs getting caught up on their collars with another dog or on a branch and I don't want to risk that either. Any suggestions?
  • How do i train my whippet? I have just bought an adorable whippet puppy he is 10 weeks old and I dont really know what im doing as far as trainign goes I was wandering if anyone has any tips or advise about potty trraining :P favourite toys/games...
  • What is the best way to teach dogs not to fight with neighbor dogs through the fence? My dogs jump at the fence and bark at the neighbors' dogs, and their dogs do the same to outs, and it drives me crazy! It's also dangerous. My dogs are small/medium (34 lbs and 14 lbs) but the neighbors have huge Goldern Retrievers and a really vicious-looking pit bull type terrier. My dogs are a whippet and a 14 lb jack russell-type mixed terrier. Shock collars are not an option for use on our dogs. Please help! thanks.
  • What is the best harness or collar for walking a great dane? I don't mean chokers or anything like that. I just want one that my dog can't back his way out of.