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chocolate labrador questions answered!

  • Which dog breed would get on well with my chocolate labrador? I have a 12 month female chocolate labrador and am thinking about getting her a friend. Can anyone reccomend a breed that would get on with her? I know the obvious answer is another labrador but my partner really wants a Jack Russel however I am not so sure, are there any other suggestions?
  • What is the average selling price for a Chocolate Labrador puppy? I have been talking with a breeder who has a Chocolate Labrador puppy for sale for $1000. And I have also been taking with an owner who is selling her puppies for just $500. The only difference between them is that the breeders puppy is microchipped. I want to get a healthy puppy and I am curious if $1000 is reasonable or a bit much? :)
  • What is the difference between a gold, black, and chocolate labrador retriever besides color? What is the difference between a gold, black, and chocolate labrador retriever besides color? They must have some sort of different characteristics or traits...
  • Can I leave a Chocolate Labrador puppy home alone for 7 hours? I am 15. I last had a pet four years ago - two, in fact. They were rabbits. Sadly, once one passed away and the other had to be put down, my mother swore blind that we wouldn't get a pet again. However, in recent years she has expressed an interest in having a Chocolate Labrador at some point, but said however much she would like one, it would be unfair on the dog to leave it at home for 7 hours a day on weekdays (I'm at school, sister's at uni and parents are at work - no-one is at home). Recently I've found myself wanting a dog as well. I looked into Border Collies but found that they would require more exercise than I have time to give, so I'm looking at a Chocolate Labrador puppy. If I bought a puppy, would I and how would I be able to leave it at home by itself five days a week for 7 hours each time? Firstly, I absolutely despise cats and honestly wish they did not exist. I will never consider buying a cat for as long as I live. Secondly, my mother was the one who said it would have to be a puppy in the first place. Thirdly, my mother works a five-minute walk from home - if she was to visit it during her lunch breaks, would it be okay then? Finally, would making up to the time away with almost constant interaction during weekends, holidays and time at home help?
  • How to train a chocolate labrador puppy? In a few weeks im getting a chocolate labrador puppy and the puppy will have 8 weeks, isnt that a little too old? and how do i train him from the start, please give me as much info as u can, maybe a website or from personal experiance thanks!
  • What are good names for a girl chocolate labrador puppy? Im getting a girl chocolate labrador puppy and i need name ideas for her? Please help it would be great thanks :) xx
  • Where can I buy a calm chocolate labrador retriever puppy near Huntington Beach, CA? I am looking for a calm, sweet, young, cute chocolate labrador retriever puppy near Huntington Beach, CA. I want to look at the puppy before I buy it so it would be great if it's at a shelter where I can see it. It has to be calm and cool being alone for a few hours. Can anyone help me find one?
  • Do you know where I can find a male chocolate labrador retriever? We have one yellow female & one black female, and we are currently looking for a male chocolate labrador. We live in the florida panhandle, but we are willing to travel 200 miles. Thanks & please no rude answers.
  • Original names for a female chocolate labrador or a female siberian husky? I'm getting either a chocolate labrador or a siberian husky but I don't know what to name her! Please suggest some original and creative names!
  • Do Chocolate Labradors have many health problems? I was thinking of getting a Chocolate Labrador but I was wondering if they have many health problems. Such as skin problems (cancer) or bone problems that are common to these dogs.