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black labrador questions answered!

  • How do I get my black labrador to scratch on the door when he needs to go to the bathroom? I just got a black labrador retriever about 3 weeks ago. He is now 9 weeks old and i'm having a really hard time getting him to scratch on the door when he needs to go to the bathroom. Instead he goes on the floor, its really irritating. How can I get him to go to the door when he needs to go out?
  • What should I call my Black labrador female puppy? I am getting an adorable black labrador retreiver but I don't know what to call her. I want to call her a real name so not something like bubbles or Jet. I'm also quite keen on cartoon characters but i can't think of any female cartoon characters with a good name. Please list any ideas you have and don't worryabout them being a little loopy!
  • What is the maximum height and weight for Black Labrador Retrievers ? If you buy a Black Labrador Retriever when they are 10 weeks old and you feed them properly how tall and how heavy they will be by 3 years of age ?
  • What colors can two black labradors produce? Just for reference I wanted to know what two black labrador retrievers can produce. Can they produce yellows chocolates, and black, or just yellows and blacks, etc. Thanks I heart you- cowgirlathrt
  • Can registered black labradors have white on them? I have a black labrador she is a puppy,she has a small white line down her chest.I'v noticed that its got smaller and smaller as she's grown.
  • What is the best name for a black labrador prince or rocky? i am getting a male black labrador soon and i really like the names prince and rocky but cant decide between them can you help me please
  • Black labrador falls over because she tenses up in a kind of fit ? Black labrador falls over because she tenses up in a kind of fit ? she knows when it is going to happen because if we are out for a walk she will come back. it starts with her tensing up her legs and her stomach (from what i can tell)... she also drools a lot and is conscious throughout. it seems to be when she is excited and/or when the weather is hot. she has been to the vet and she it on some medicine to calm her down but it seems to been happening a lot lately. if any more info is need to help i would be happy to provide would really appreciate any help
  • My black labrador only adores my family but no one else? I have a black labrador who loves myself, my boyfriend and a few other people. He is so shy around other people and will only sniff them and walk off. Is he not interested or very scared? I know that I haven't socialized him as well as I should have but he is such a wonderful loving dog when he's alone with me. How can I train him that it is OK around other people?
  • What does a dream with a black labrador puppy mean? In my dream I was trying to get the black Labrador puppy but not make it obvious, I was trying to look casual while trying to catch him. It was really hyper, and it kept getting away from me. I was chasing him in a Costco... lol.