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labrador breeders questions answered!

  • Does anyone know any good Labrador breeders Near Los Angeles? If you do know a good labrador breeder leave the breeders website.
  • what do you mean by red and green marks among labrador? and how can you determine them? Some labrador breeders may ask about how many red and green marks does a labrador have. i cant really tell if it is by their coat or eyes. i cant really tell. can someone help me understand. thanks!
  • Do Silver Labradors have more health problems because of their color and genetic make up? I'm wanting to a Labrador puppy. I love the silver colored ones, but I'm sure if they will be more pron to getting disorders. If anyone could point me towards a good Labrador breeder in Texas that would be great as well. Thank You!
  • When should I start preparing for my puppy? After having met with several Labrador breeders, I have picked on and placed a deposit on a male puppy. They won't be breeding the female until the middle of April, so that means the puppy would come home with me in July. Anyway, I was wondering when I should start preparing. I already have a vet, since this won't be my first pet, but I do not have any other pets at the moment. Don't get mad because I didn't adopt, I can do what I want. This is my first time actually buying from a breeder, which is why I'm asking. All other dogs that I have had have been rescued, so I pretty much received everything that I would need for them when I rescued them.
  • Looking for a chocolate Labrador breeder or if you know one tell me? Near las Vegas area under 275 If you don't have a litter right now that's ok Read the question looking for a chocolate Labrador BREEDER or if you know one if your not a breeders or don't know one then don't answer
  • Does anyone know of any reputable Labrador Retriever Breeders in Los Angeles and Orange County? HI I am looking for a reputable Labrador Retriever breeder in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I live in Whittier and not looking to drive more than 50 or so miles. I am really want a yellow lab, but i am still open to the other colors. I want a purebred puppy. Not really looking to adopt or rescue. I am not willing to spend more than $1200. Can anyone tell me of any breeders in near me and also some to avoid. Thanks
  • I am searching for a Pedigree Labrador Retriever Puppy, does anyone know of a quality registered breeder? There are lots for Dog Breeders around, but I am wondering if anyone can recommend a breeder or a website in Australia where I can find a LABRADOR Breeder with a good reputation?
  • Can anyone give me a list of qualified Labrador breeders in Florida? I want to buy a Lab, but don’t trust pet stores or breeders that don’t have the right documents and accreditation. I want to know that my pup came from the proper bloodlines and was raised in the proper manner.
  • Any suggestions or recommendation re breeders of purebred Labradors in NSW Australia? Any suggested or recommended Labrador breeders in NSW Australia would be greatly appreciated.
  • Can a dog owner who is not into dog business take his dog to participate in dog shows? I'm 21 and after 6 years of having no life (literally staying 24/7 home) I think I can finally see a ray of hope. I got a job, timing is 9pm to 6am Monday-Friday. I also applied for a course, and I'd have to go to the Study Centre on Saturdays and Sundays. 3pm to 6 pm. As the job pays very little, I may end up getting another part time job. Now my true love is dogs, and with all this schedule of mine, I doubt I can ever be a part of a dog shows and a future GSD and Labrador breeder. I'm in India, and here I'm yet to find a breeder who tests their dog for health and temperment testing. And my dream is to be that breeder. I'm also trying to save money to pay a mentor (IDK if they take money to teach newbies) Now my question is, where can I find a mentor? And how much would they charge me? Any idea? Also, if I don't do that part time job, do you think that time would be enough to invest on show rings? Are you saying I can't ever be the best breeder in my Country? I've time, I think. What I asked was, how can I find a mentor who will teach me all about shows and breeding?