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pitbull questions answered!

  • How can I stop my boyfriends brothers pitbull from harassing the family doberman? This male pitbull is about 3 years old and isn't neutered. The female Doberman is like over ten years old and is spayed. He keeps licking her and barking at her and trying to hump her every second of the day. I feel it's a dominance thing but I want it to stop. The dobi is old and small for a doberman. She's fragile and doesn't like it. I don't want this blue pit to hurt her. They've been living with each other since he was a puppy and got along fine. The past few days this has been going on and it's pissing me of, I have to keep my dobi in my room all the time because he won't leave her alone. How do I stop this? Neutering is out of the question, it's not my dog. He's also untrained and doesn't go anywhere all day. He's stuck in the house all the time, I feel bad but theres not much I can do. I have a gated area at my dads house, If I took him there and let him run around for a while, would he calm down?? It's not my house, it's my boyfriends parents house and he lives there, so he keeps the pitbull there. Like I said a lot of things are out of my control in this situation. I'm just sick of him bothering her all the time. And the gated area is HUGE and has a lake on it. He could run around wherever he wanted and not get loose. Not neutered because he wants to breed it. Sorry about these details I failed to put in the first time. Family doberman means it's not mine. It's actually the boyfriends brother's but he hasn't done anything with it since she was a puppy, so it's pretty much become his parents dog. Although when I moved in she started favoring me the most, so I GUESS she's mine lol. No I joke. I can't take him anywhere else, especially on a walk because he isn't trained and he'd be to strong for me to keep control of him on a leash. ._.
  • What are some songs by Pitbull and Daddy Yankee that are completely in Spanish? What are some songs by Pitbull and Daddy Yankee that are completely in Spanish? Also, some other artists like them? Anybody know any good ones? Thanks!
  • How do you stop a pitbull puppy from nipping at your hands? I recently got a puppy pitbull. She's a very nice dog but she suddenly came into the habbit of nipping at your hands and pitting and pulling at her leash when you're walking her. I really don't know what to do to stop her from nipping at your hands.
  • How do pitbull owners help change the image of the pitbull? I'm part of a pitbull club in my area and one of the central themes is "redefining the image." Some members often disagree about putting spiked collars on the dogs or displaying the dogs using large chains while involved in public events. I believe if the pitbulls image is going to be changed societies opinion and views are very important. I would also like any opinions on what other methods could we use to improve or change this image.
  • What is the average height on a full grown pitbull? I have a pitbull that is almost a year old and am wondering if he will grow some more. He seems kind of small compared to his sister. How big does the average pitbull get and when do they reach their max height and weight?
  • What is the best brand to feed a Pitbull? I'm adopting a Pitbull today and I have big plans on spoiling her. The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding the perfect food for my Pitbull. I've heard that a "raw food diet" will best suit a Pitbull but I'd much rather prefer buying dog food. What's good quality dog food suitable for my seven month old friend? (Note: I will never buy IAMS)
  • Should I get a pitbull or Chihuahua? Which is more friendly and overall better dog? I want a pitbull but my sister wants a chihuahua, which is the superior dog?
  • How should i handle my pitbull puppies when they wrestle aggressively? I just got two pitbull terrier puppies. They are 7 weeks old and sisters. They are super sweet and very smart, quick learners. The only thing that worries me is the way they wrestle. They love to wrestle wildly and it seems to me, very aggressively. They bite each other, throw each other on the ground, bark and growl and whine. Nomatter how much I say No or separate them, they won't stop. Is this just normal puppy behavior or is there something more I can be doing?
  • What dog breed would get along best with my 5 yr old american pitbull terrier? I have a dog named Rocky. He's an american pitbull terrier and he's 5 years old. He's the best dog anyone can have! He's very loving, and playful and everyone loves him! Me and my fiance are getting married and would like to get a 2nd dog so that Rocky can have a friend! Any advice on what dog breed would get along with him best? We also want a dog that's smaller than him since we live in an apartment...Thanks!
  • How do i train my pitbull puppy to be gently with my yorkie? I have a 6 week old pitbull and i want to train it to be gentle with my yorkie my yorkie is about a year a half years old. I also dont want my yorkie to feel neglected and i dont want to have to worry about my pitbull hurting my yorkie when im not around please help.