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bulldog puppies questions answered!

  • what are good chew toys and regular toys to give to a litter of english bulldog puppies? We have 4 english bulldog puppies that we are keeping. They are 9 weeks old. What is the best toys for them to play with. Are they too young for rawhide bones? Thanks in advance!
  • How to find a good prospective French Bulldog puppy buyer? I have recently had a litter of 6 vibrant, healthy and plump little French Bulldog puppies after mating my Ellie (3 years old) to E-Jay (1 year 5 months old). This was my first litter of puppies ever. My dogs weren't tested for anything and aren't Champions but Ellie and Kaylie's parents are both AKC Champs (they are sisters) and E-Jay has a Grand Champion father. Also, all their generations were tested for genetics. I have NO idea how to find a good, worthy puppy buyer for all my puppies. I would be willing to keep a few but I really want to sell them all. Any suggestions? After confirming with my vet, there are 3 males and 3 females in her litter - all black and white. I don't want any of my puppies going to bad, unworthy homes so how can I find a good owner for them all? I have set the price at $1700 for females and $1300 for males but this may change as they grow. They are AKC registered, vet checked, wormed, microchipped and are currently a week old. Thanks. Oh and don't worry. I am not selling them yet, I just want to take deposits so I have homes lined up when they are older. I plan to sell them after they are 9 weeks old. Basically all I want is the new puppy buyer to be worthy, loving, able to afford and care for a puppy forever. They must know things about the breed and must be willing to fix their pups before 12 months old unless I decide that they can breed them.
  • i have 8 beautiful American Bulldogs Puppies for sale how is the best way to sell them safely? i have eight 7 week old american bulldog puppies for sale, they really are top quality pups, we thouhgt that only 8 or 9 would arrive but she gave birth to 16, any ideas on the best way to sell them, or were to sell them. THANKS.
  • Does anyone know any good places to get Bulldog puppies in the North East of England? I was looking to get a bulldog puppy but I cant really find any good areas in the north east does anyone know any that aren't too expensive! Name's of shelters would be good as welll please. Thanks!
  • Where Can I Find a Reasonably Priced English Bulldog Puppy in Michigan? I am looking at purchasing English Bulldog puppies, not of the puppy mill variety. This dog has to be within driving distance of the Lansing area [Michigan]. Funding is also an issue; price must be within reason. Can anyone suggest a local breeder, kennel, or animal rescue that could help me with this?
  • What are bulldog puppies going for nowadays? My sister wants a bulldog puppy, my friend says that they are pretty expensive, but how much exactly.
  • What are some good names for boy and girl bulldog puppies? I have five little bulldog puppies that are only 1 week old and I have to find the cutest name for them so if you have any really cute names for bulldog girls and boys just go head and write it right here right now. Thanks.
  • How much should a 2 week old bulldog puppy weigh? I have two bulldog puppies and want to get an idea of how much they should weigh... They will be 3 weeks on Monday
  • Bulldog puppies are so expensive. Anyone know where I can get a cheaper one? Bulldog puppies run from about $1000-2500. They're adorable, but is there a cheaper bulldog?? I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks!
  • Where can I find English Bulldog puppies for sale around the Covington, Tn area? I live in Covington, Tn and I am looking for reasonable prices on bulldog puppies (But NOT scams). I am willing to travel if the destination is no more than 200 miles away or so. Please help me! Thanks to all who reply to this.