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bulldog rescue questions answered!

  • Why do some dog breed rescues prohibit out of state adoptions? I've been looking around at some Bulldog rescue organizations, but nearly all of them only allow people within the state of the rescue to adopt one of their dogs. Why would they have that kind of rule? I think if they allowed out of state adoptions, more dogs would be found homes.
  • Does anyone know of any English Bulldog rescues in Louisiana? Since my last question didn't go all too well, and I honestly did not know it was against the rules to ask a question like that, and every rescue I look at seems to not have any sort of dog. (The only one I can find that has English Bulldogs keeps saying that my search returned no results. Not even when I make my results as open as possible). So, can anyone suggest some English Bulldog rescues in Louisiana? Thank you. ^_^
  • Does anyone know where I can get a Bulldog that doesnt require a second mortgage on my home? Ive tried the Bulldog rescue thing and nothing so far.
  • How do you stop an 18 month old American Bulldog from possessive Aggression (involving a woman) toward others? Bosco was adopted by myself, my husband and our three children (girl 6 and two boys 9 & 11). He is very possessive of me and gave a stern warning to my 9 yr. old after we all played on the trampoline and he couldn't get to me.Once I got off and sat down my children came by Bosco and I and he lowered his upper body, stiffened and kept his hindend up with tail wagging. He then lunged but didn't bite my 9 yr old, knocking him down. I said sit and he responded but did not relax. He is on hydrocodone for his cough as well as simplicef. He was in the shelter for 3 wks. after being surrendered to a bulldog rescue. Then 3 days before we got him he was microchiped and didn't like it. two days later he was vaccinated and the next day had a cough and runny nose. He follows me everywhere and whimpers when my husband shows me affection. The kids love him as do my husband and I. Can we help Bosco be a gentleman or is it hopeless. Please help us.
  • How did you know you and your dog where ready for a second dog? I have a 13 month old English Bulldog who is trained, housebroken, and very friendly. My husband and I know we want 2 dogs, but how do you know your dog is ready, as well as yourself? I will be adopting a bulldog from a bulldog rescue centre. My bulldog is a neutered male. He was neutered at 6 months.
  • What is a good name for a Bulldog Rescue (English Bulldogs)? Starting up an English Bulldog rescue and would love to find a name more original than "Bulldog Rescue of Antafrica" - any creative ideas?
  • What is the closest English Bulldog rescue to me? I'm having trouble finding a English Bulldog near me, so I was wondering if someone could help me find one. I live in western, West Virginia right by the Ohio border.
  • American Bulldog Rescue in New York State? I am currently looking for a reputable American Bulldog Rescue in the NY area for a client at my job, if anyone knows a reputable one in the area the information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • What is the typical bulldog rescue adoption fee? I put in an application to rescue a bulldog, and I was contacted yesterday and told there were 2 available. The rescue volunteers had an in-home visit and showed pictures of the dogs and we picked one out. They said the adoption fee was $600. I know these are very expensive dogs, but is this a little high? They said they will hold the check for 30 days to make sure we're happy with the dog, and it will also come with it's own crate. Does this sound right?
  • The dog I rescued is really shy around people(including me). How can I get her to warm up? Her last family really abused her. They cut off part of her ears and some of her face. I understand it will take some time, but what can I do to ease the process? My pitbull I already had is still very young and energetic. The bulldog I rescued is two years old. And she seems like she's getting real tired of my pitbull. That's another issue... She runs away from me when in the house. Outside she doesn't move at all. Literally.