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bulldog security questions answered!

  • Can i wire the antenna from a remote start module to the stock car antenna to get a longer range? I installed a bulldog security remote start to my 89 chevy pickup and i was thinking if it would make a difference in transmitter signal strength or distance if i wired it somehow to the car antenna. If i could and it will make a difference, how do i do it?
  • Does a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am need a bypass in order to install a remote starter? I want to order a remote starter kit online and bring it to an audio store. Will a basic BOA, Audivox, Bulldog security remote starter kit work? The car had factory alarm system but I took out the entire thing under the steering wheel column.
  • When do free internet security trials start? So basically I have downloaded a Bulldog internet security free trial. It says it would last for 60 days but after I downloaded it I realised I already have a Norton one which came with my new laptop. I haven't yet installed the Bulldog one ( there is an icon telling me to on my desktop)but I have downloaded it (hope that makes sense). So what I want to know is would the 60 day free trial have started now as I have downloaded it but not installed it. Obviously it would make sense to start the second one after the first finishes. Thanks in advance
  • Bulldog remote car starter troubleshooting? I have a Bulldog Security remote start system that I just finished installing onto my vehicle and have an issue. I was able to successfully program my remote and everything like the door locks and parking light flashers and horn work, but when I push the engine start button, nothing happens. What is wrong? Did I wire something wrong or did I program the remote incorrectly. Also, now when I try to go into programming mode, the car just chirps once, does not enter program mode, and the remote rings and shows a phone.
  • How do I get my car out of "safety mode"? I have a '92 Camry. I bought a Bulldog Security Remote Vehicle Starter model #RS-1100. I went to and called the help line and got nothing. I need to know how to fix the hood pin switch and get my car out of "safety mode". I opened the hood, pressed the brake, and pressed the first key on my remote and it still clicks and flashes. What do I do?
  • Do you think MANUAL TRANSMISSION or STICK SHIFT enhances your car security? I mean 94% cars sold in U.S.A are automatic. Most teenagers can't drive a manual car so I assume that having a stick shift is a sort of security. Last line of defense and a pretty good one! Don't you think?
  • How do you install a Bulldog Security KE1702 in a 2000 Honda Accord LX? If anyone knows how, please give me a step by step guide as far as the wires. Thanks ahead of time.
  • How to install a Bulldog security Remote starter? I have a 2003 Dodge Neon and i have no idea how to hook up the remote starter. Pleas Help Thank you
  • Who offers the best home security in Atlanta Georgia? Here are some of the top companies in Atlanta: Broadview (formerly Brinks), ADT, Ackerman, Bulldog, System 5 Electronics, AMSA, Linder (LLS). So what's your opinion?
  • What is the best computer field to have a career in? I am looking for somewhat opinionated answers based on facts. In example, us the best computer career x because it has the best job security, or is it y because it has more money. Just want to hear your thoughts and perhaps learn something about the computer industry as a whole.