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french bulldog questions answered!

  • What is the difference between french bulldogs and boston terriers? I am thinking about getting a french bulldog, but ive noticed that some faces are more pug than others, is this because they are mixed with boston terriers? I would really like one that does not have a smushed face. I also would like to know the differences between the two : because the prices are alot different, but they do look similar.
  • does anyone know where I can get a French Bulldog for a reasonable price? I am looking for a French Bulldog puppy, but I am not spending 1 or 2 thousand. I can see maybe spending 6 or 7 hundred but that is pushing it!
  • Can anyone recommend a good insurance for my French Bulldog puppy? I want to get insurance for my French Bulldog puppy & wondered if there are any good / low cost options out there?
  • What is a unique name for a white and fawn colored french bulldog mix? I am getting a Frenchton puppy which is 1/2 French Bulldog 1/2 Boston Terrior. She is mostly light light brown with a white neck and face. I want a unique name but has to be easy for a three old to say. I really like Khalesi and Nala. Wondering if anyone has any ideas?
  • Can a French Bulldog survive in a hot country? I currently reside in England and am looking to get a french bulldog pup in the summer. However in the next few years, once I finish my studies I may move to India (or another hot country) and of course will want to take my dog wherever I go. I read somewhere that short snouted dogs cannot survive in hot countries. Is this true? I love the french bulldog but I wouldn't want it to go through hell in a hot country where it can't breath! To what extent is the hot weather bad for bulldogs?
  • How to maintaining my french bulldog puppy's coat? I have a 3 month cream French Bulldog puppy. Right now his coat is very soft. I saw an older French Bulldog, and his coat was pretty harsh and rough. I am a novice about French bulldogs - Is there any way I can help maintain his coat, as he grows older, to be soft and shiny as it is right now? Thanks! Is there any specific food, supplement or grooming product I can use to ensure a good shiny coat?
  • How old does a French Bulldog puppy have to be to take him home? I'm waiting for my French Bulldog puppy to get a little older before I actually take him home. He is almost four weeks old, and I want to know when I should take him home. The breeder says 7.5 weeks, but I've heard it is okay at 6 weeks. But, I want the best for the puppy.
  • How should I ship a French bulldog during the summer? I need to ship my french bulldog across the country this summer, but a lot of the airlines will not fly stub-nosed breeds because of the heat. Also I'm looking for an inexpensive option. Any suggestions?
  • How much should a 7 week old french bulldog puppy be eating per day? I just got a 7 week old french bulldog and I was wondering how much he should be eating a day?