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american bulldog questions answered!

  • How do I get my American Bulldog Puppy to stop chasing my cat? I have an 8 week old female american bulldog puppy who loves my cat. She thinks its another puppy to play with. I do not want my puppy to think its ok to chase the cat. I have tried having her on a leash when the cat is walking around and she will do great but the second that leash is off, she runs for the cat and won't listen. Any advice would be great!
  • How do I get my female american bulldog to gain her weight back after having puppies? I have a Johnson American Bulldog that just recently had puppies and lost over 30 pounds in the process. I was wondering what I could be doing for her to gain her weight back quickly because I do not want her getting sick because of her weight loss. What should I do?
  • How much would it cost to get a chipped knee repaired in an American Bulldog? I found an American Bulldog that has a chipped knee and needs a home. The previous owners say that she needs surgery, but cannot afford to pay for it. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get this fixed? She is a very sweet dog and I would love to adopt her.
  • What do you think of the american bulldog? Heyy Looks aside can american bulldog owners tell me all there is to know about them, there level of exercise needed and how easy are they to train? Please just give all your knowledge and information about this breed. Thanks.
  • Is there any sure fire way to tell the difference between an American bulldog and a Pitbull? I am considering rescuing this dog from the pound that will be put down on Monday. They have had him for 3x longer than usual already(because he is so sweet....they say and so he seems) He looks like a pitbull to me,but they say he is American Bulldog. He was a stray so they can't know for sure. I have little grandchildren that visit 2-3 times a year and I'm a little fearful of pitbulls. What can you guys tell me?
  • What is the difference between a American bulldog and a Pitbull? What happend is people are always thinking that my American Bulldog is a Pitbull, I wonder why?
  • IS a american bulldog considerd a pit bull to most home owners? I want to adopt an american bulldog from a high kill shelter but my lease says I can not have any pit bulls so I just wanted to know if an american bull dog would be considerd a pit bull to most people ?
  • Why dies my American Bulldog lay and dig in my bathtub? I have an almost 4 month old American Bulldog as well as an almost 10 year old Lab and a 3 year old Pomeranian, and the Hercules is the only 1 that just goes into the tub for no reason! He loves baths so I thought maybe that was it but then I saw him trying to dig in the tub. Why is that? The tub is cast iron. Any ideas?
  • How much more will my American bulldog Grow? My American bulldog is now around 9 months old. I just had him at the vets for a checkup and he is 61 Pounds. He Still looks puppyish and i was wondering what size he will grow too, Also what would the average weight of a american bulldog of this age be? All answers and opinions would be appreciated, Thanks.
  • How much should an American Bulldog puppy eat daily, she is 4 months old 15 pounds? I have a 4 month old american bulldog puppy. She weighs 15 pounds, I am feeding her "science diet puppy small bites" 1 cup three times daily. Is she eating enough? She wants more food after shes done and she eats very quickly. I'm thinking of trying free feeding but I'm not sure