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boy and his bulldog questions answered!

  • How do I know if my English Bulldog is having puppies? Okay my boy english bulldog [Otis] mounted our girl [Sophie] and its like right after her period, and now her nipples are big. We have never had a girl dog before so, we don't know. [Me and my mom]. Help? We know what to do if she is, we are just wondering. Her nipples used to be tiny, now they are all the suddenly big.
  • What are good names for a french bulldog? I am getting a boy french bulldog soon he will be brown can anyone think of any names?
  • Are you tired of the Theatrics in this Presidential Campaign? Both Guys are at the point of ridiculous. There are times when Obama almost sounds like he's giving an I have a dream speech with all the drama in his voice and MC Cain acting like the Church boy /bulldog/Goody Two shoes. The whole thing is sickening.
  • Im thinking about getting an american bulldog should I.? We have two lab mixes one boy and one girl. I want a boy bulldog. Which is better a boy or a girl? Thanx God Bless
  • Will my mom's unneutered yorky attack my 9wk old boy bulldog? I'm only staying to get some rest before taking a drive home..I don't want my bulldog to get hurt or stressed by her yorky. Will it be a problem for the yorky having him there? He's not trained either.
  • How much food should I feed my 2 year old English Bulldog? We adopted an English Bulldog a few days ago from a rescue agency. The foster parents told us what food to buy for her and she said 2 cups a day and add some chicken or rice. It just doesn't seem like a lot, and she always seems hungry.
  • Why are some English bulldog puppies free for adoption? I have been researching English bulldogs and have been wanting one for quite a while. The only thing that holds me back to get one is the high cost. In my local newspaper, I have come across some classifieds where the pups are free for adoption. They say that they have been vet checked, but it sounds too good to be true. I sent an e-mail to the seller and just received a reply. They said they are missionaries in Africa, and it will cost me $250 for them to ship me the pup. This has scam written all over it. I new it was. Thanks for all the great answering and getting my head out of the clouds.
  • What can I do about this crazy person? Ok so here is the story...My current girlfriend has an ex that is from Canada. She is considered illigal her in NV. Not only has this lady tried to make our lives a living hell these past 2 yrs she has left her kids alone for days on end (now they live back in Canada with their grandma) she has also hurt the animals that we consider our life. She is also an illigal hooker that hangs out with teenagers (she gives it up to them so they do what she wants them to) and other people that are just wrong... She left a french (girl) and english (boy) bulldogs alone while the female was in heat. When we finally were called to come get them it was to late. She was prego and she didnt show until right before giving birth. She died 5 days after 12 pups were born.... The vet said that she was malnutritioned from the begining. She has tried to get me thrown in jail my girlfriend thrown in jail and I just dont want to deal with her anymore!!!! How do I get her to get deported? I have called ICE but they wont do anything I have talked to police and they wont do anything either. She filed for a restraining order and lied to get the male dog back. We took her to court and the judge wouldnt even let us have an ending argument because she had a paper that someone signed saying they sold the dog to her ( She used her sons disabilities to get the dog and never paid for the dog/ the dog was "purchased" in Canada and the paper had a Cali number on it.) I know that if somehow she was arrested ICE would deport her. In Canada she has arrest records for prostitution and child neglect. She went to a "house call" and left her son at home alone when he was 4. CPS here has been looking for her and I guess they cant find her. I called CPS before on her due to the really poor (black mold and trash so high up that you cant see the floor) living conditions. They called her to let her know they would be by in the next few days!!!!!
  • should i get my 4 month old amercian bulldog castrated? are there any benefits for doing it? i have a wife and a baby boy at home age 16 months also a baby due in may.we've had the dog from 8 weeks old and he's been perfect to have at home with us.He's due at the vets this week for the op.the vet said it will calm him down when he reaches sexual maturity ie towards other dogs and not so aggressive.he's been to puppy classes and is ok at the moment with other be grateful for your views on this and any helpful advice.thanks.
  • What is the average weight for a Male English Bulldog and Proper Diet? Hello I was wondering 1. What is the average weight for a Male English bulldog around the age of 5 years? Also 2nd question my dog currently weights around 63lbs. How can I make sure he has a good and balance diet for the required weight he's suppose to be in? Thanks for the advice and help!!! :-)