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boxer puppies questions answered!

  • When do I start feeding my Boxer puppies dog food? My boxer puppies are 3 weeks old and starting to get their teeth. Born 6/3/08. When should I start them on dog food? What kind? Do I mix it with water?
  • Is it better to get a 6week old boxer puppy or a 13 week old boxer puppy? Ok so I've been lookin to get a boxer puppy. I've found one person who has 6week old boxer puppies that are 350$ akc registered. And another one who has one that's 13 weeks old ckc registered for 300$. I've heard that its best to wait to get one 8weeks old. Any advice or comments are welcomed I just wanna make the right choice
  • How do you go about training boxer puppies? I have a 8 wk. old boxer puppy and was wondering if there were any specific techniques that I should be using for her training. She likes to bite and when we pull back or say no she just gets more aggressive.
  • How do you get a boxer puppy to stop biting? We just got a boxer puppy, he is 12 weeks old, he bites and jumps all the time we can't even go outside without getting bitten or all scratched up! Please Help!
  • How should i train my Boxer puppy not to jump up at strangers? This is my 6 month old Boxer puppy and she is super smart.There is just one little problem, her need to jump and box at people! The thing is she doesn't jump on me. Any time she would jump on me i would ignore her until she sat patiently then i would pet her and praise her, but because she knows me it is easy for her to get calm. My problem is with strangers. She loves people especially children but she is so insane around people that she WILL NOT get calm! People come to pet her and i have to hold her down and tell her to sit because she will jump and jump and jump at them to try and lick their face and end up breaking glasses with that big head or giving bloody lips. I take her to the dog park to let her socialize with other dogs and owners but now shes gotten so big that i'm afraid shes going to knock someone over. When it comes to strangers its like talking to a wall, once shes focused on someone she will do WHATEVER it takes to get a kiss on the lips. I have a 4 year old nephew that absolutely loves her but i always keep her on a leash so she doesn't punch him in the face or knock him over. she could go for a long walk with lots of exercise and still be crazy and jump on people. Nothing is working, any tips? Thanks for the tips everyone! :) I shall try this out!
  • How much exercise is okay for an 8 week old boxer puppy? My husband and I have an 8 week old boxer puppy. I take him for walks, but I don't know how much exercise is too much for him at this age. How much is necessary at 8 weeks, and what are some good kinds of exercise for him?
  • How long or what age does a boxer puppy stop peeing in his crate? My wife and i just bought a boxer puppy and we have had him for 3 months, he will lay in bed with us for up to 8 hours sometimes and never need bathroom but he is in his crate for over 30 minutes and he pees. Doesnt seem rebelious or anything. Thay say its the best way to train a dog but how does it work?
  • 1 week old boxer puppy is gasping for air. What can I do to help him? I have a litter of boxer puppies that are having difficulties. We've already lost two and we fear of losing a third. He is lying in the whelping boxer and is gasping for air. Any suggestions on what is happening and is there anything that I can do to help him?
  • how much should i sell my boxer puppies for? I have a Flashy Fawn Female Boxer that is AKC and CKC registerd. I have a light brindle male boxer that is only CKC registerd. How much should i sell their puppies for... They are BOXER puppies.
  • What food should you feed a boxer puppy? Ok, so to get ready for my boxer puppy, I need to gather info about what to feed her. I need some good brands that are best for feeding boxer pups. So please help! I want my little egg-head to be healthy and happy.