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boxer dogs questions answered!

  • Why my male and female boxer dogs keep attacking each other? male and female boxer dogs keep attacking each other they r both 1yrs old.and we are getting them both done spayed etc asap they have never done this before.they were 8wks and 10wks old from different homes not related and Not breeding them at all.they have been like best mates up untill 10days ago.
  • Why does my boxer dogs scratch their ears endlessly? My boxer dogs, well both of them, they always scratch their ears. My youngest scratches her ears and starts crying. I don't know if this needs to be treated or if I can sort it at home? Thanks!
  • How do you find a reputable boxer dog breeder? I'm looking for a breeder of boxer dogs that is not a puppy mill. I want info on their dogs health before I purchase a dog.
  • How can you tell when Boxer dogs are mad? Recently I was watching some videos on youtube about boxer dogs playing, and there was a comment that said "look at how mad your dog is", there was also a response that said, "no my dog was playing, you will know when a boxer is mad." So how can you tell if they are mad?
  • My boxer dog keep messing around with my home phone? My boxer dog keep messing around with my home phone. What can I do to make him stop? He doesnt touch anything else but the phone and my ringer is off.
  • Do boxer dogs like to follow you around? Are boxer dogs one of those dogs that prefer you over the rest of the people in your family and follow you around a lot?? Is it possible to train it to be less hyper? What are some things to do with it to keep it entertained routinely?
  • How can I get rid of my boxer dogs bad breath? My boxer dog has started to get really bad (fishy) breath and I do brush his teeth and I even got him dog breath spray, is there anything else I can do ? Thanks :)
  • How tall does a boxer dog get compared to other breeds? I have a 6-month old boxer dog. I think she's quite small for her age. I would like her to be at least as tall as a german shepard. Is this normal or is she undergrown?
  • How much water should a adult boxer dog drink per day? My Male 2 year old boxer dog weighs 34kg. He has a problem with drinking water and will only drink when he has exercised mostly. He passes strong urine if not encouraged to drink and I sometimes use a syringe to get 130mls into him.
  • Where can I find a list of boxer dog rescue homes in the UK? We would dearly love to own a boxer dog but cannot afford the prices asked from local breeders. I have been told there are boxer dog rescue homes in the UK but have not been able to find any on the web. Can anyone point me in the right direction?