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boxer rescue questions answered!

  • Why is it so difficult to adopt a dog through a rescue? We are thinking about getting another dog. We already have a wonderful Boxer who is the "baby" of our family and knows it. She is spoiled rotten. At first we thought about going through a rescue so we applied to the Boxer rescue and after a couple of attempts gave up because the interaction we had was not positive. Everytime we spoke to the representative she made me feel like I wasn't taking care of the dog I have now and doubted that we could handle another. We own our own home, there is someone home almost all day, we are financially stable, have a fenced yard, our boxer is an inside dog...I don't know what else they expect. We just felt it was getting ridiculous so we think we will find a breeder and buy a puppy. I know we are good doggy parents but I don't know why it's so hard to rescue a dog? I needed to add that when questioned about why she doubted us, she said "I just can't give my dogs to anyone". She couldn't give me a specific reason why she felt we weren't taking care of our dog other than she is a bit overweight.
  • When you foster, how much money is actually out of pocket? I was just looking at the Boxer rescue close to me and I'd love to foster since they need people. Some dogs said they needed professional training. Or say the dog needed the vet. Does that all come out of your pocket when you foster a dog?
  • Getting a rescue dog, what to consider? I am thinking about getting another dog from our local Boxer rescue. I have a 7mo old male Boxer right now, and would love for him to have a companion. I have never had a dog from a rescue before. What things should I take into consideration that I may not have thought about? One thing to note, the rescue I am talking with currently has all of the dogs in foster homes. (not sure if that influences different responses or advice)
  • Any advice on training and raising a new boxer rescue? My husband and I may be adopting a boxer from a rescue organization. We lost our precious bulldog a month ago and are still very sad but want to give another dog a home, and we like the boxer breed. Any advice? Anything particular to avoid doing with this breed, or to make sure you do with them? I've done lots of research but if anyone out there owns boxers, I'd love to hear from you.
  • How are boxers? Good dogs overall? I'm a big believer in the person really chooses how the dog will be... training and socialization is everything. But I was just wondering if boxers have any general specific traits that are bad/good. We have had a lab and a rhodesian ridgeback, and both have been pretty good dogs. We have a boxer rescue very close to us and are planning on adopting one after we do our research. Any tips or suggestions for us from boxer owners? Are they good with your kids, do they shed a lot, are they friendly with strangers? Thanks!
  • What would be a good name for our fundraiser? My friend and I are starting a fundraiser. We will be collecting change in a bucket, when its full we will be donating the proceeds to a Pit Bull rescue and Boxer rescue. We need help coming up with a name for it.
  • does anyone know of a good boxer rescue in orange county ca? I have a boxer mix 7 yrs old that is a loving and beautiful dog that we are no longer able to keep.
  • Why are my 2 female dogs fighting? Okay, here is what is going on.... I have 3 female dogs- (We had DNA testing done on all of them). The dog we got first, when she was 1 year old from Free to Live, is Sara 8 years old now, she is a mutt (a little bit of everything) and is about 60 pounds. The Second dog we got from Red Dirt Boxer Rescue, when she was 14 weeks old is Bella, She is now 3 years old. She is mostly Boxer but has a little bit of Newfoundland and Dalmatian in her, she is about 90 pounds. The Third dog we got when she was 4 months old from the Humane Society is Anna. She is 9 months old now, we got her from the Humane Society, she is part English Bulldog, Great Pyrenees, and Pitt Bull. She is about 40 pounds. We don't have any problems with her. The problem: The 2 older dogs (Sara and Bella) keep fighting, not all the time but enough that its a problem. They started about 2 months ago and because Bella is so much bigger than Sara, Sara gets the grunt of it. Sara now has cuts all over her nose and head, now huge cuts but big enough that I put a band-aid on them. We never see who starts it, and it could happen over the littlest things. We will be sitting there watching TV and they will start fighting and it sounds like they are out for blood. To stop them we have to yell at them and spank Bella. Then they are done and everything is all good again. What can I do to stop them? And why are they doing this? It breaks my heart to see them fight like this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and God Bless! Clockwork_Knight- Excuse me I do NOT beat my dogs, just a swat on the butt. No beating. WOW. So F you. dorothy s- Read it again, we are not having problems with the puppy. Iggy'S Demon Rocks N Rules- Thank you so much, we are getting them all in obedience training tomorrow. Thank you for not judging me like these other people were.
  • This is the answer to Lisas question to mine about why people are so rude 2 days ago? I first off would like to say I do not take kindly on attacks from people who do not know me. I do know the breed I have and anything I don't know we call my husbands grandma who has had boxers for 30 years. They are all top show dogs. She also has a boxer rescue and is a judge for the shows. Now to the answers. First of all OFA is not a score is a scale and our boxer ranks good on the scale. Second, if a boxer has 1/3 or more white on them they are not faulted only disqualified. You last question did not make sense because I know my breed standard not every other breeds standard but I believe you would be talking about the bite however every standard for the boxer is also on another breeds standards. Might just be worded differently. So I am not real sure what you were talking about there. So please people stop being rude and get along with others and don't talk down to people and make yourself look better. We are all here to help others. At least that is what I am here for. My question is still why are people so rude. This place should be a place where anyone can go to get an answer. If you do not like the question then don't answer. I am only here to help people not critisize. This is not a critic site this is a question and answer site. Some people have no buisness being here. I actually enkoy helping people not making people feel bad and I don't think I am better then others. I try to pass on what I know and put down the people who don't know. If you want to report me for trying to get this place to be better then go ahead have fun if that would make you feel better I am not chating I am merely letting eveyone know that I am not a byb and do know what I am talking about.