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baby left with pit bull questions answered!

  • where can I find a baby pit bull puppy cheap? My son is wanting to get a baby pit bull puppy to raise and I am having a hard time finding one and finding one for a decent price.
  • How do i introduce my pit bull to my baby? My husband and i are trying to have a baby, we have a ten month old pit bull. He does fine around children, but how do i introduce him to the new baby so he doesn't hate the new family member i never said it was different because he is a pit bull, i have had pit bulls all my life but never had to introduce one to a new member of the family. don't say im ignorant, thats not the case. i was just giving a discription of my dog. If i owned a labrador i would have said How do i introduce my labrador to my baby
  • How can I get my baby pitt bull house trained? I have a three-month-old Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier. I have been trying to crate train her, but she just goes all over herself while in there. She won't stop peeing on the carpet, though I continously try both positive and negative reinforcement. What can I do?
  • Does anyone have a pit bull and how do you stop digging? Our family has had a pit bull for over a year. We got him from thehumane society after watching a documentary on how these breed is unfairly prejudiced against because of all the bad media, when in all actuality many dogs do bite, attack, become jealous, etc. depending on their upbringing. This dog is very well behaved, doesn't bark, always on someone's lap or at their feet, when other dogs come up to him...his reaction is to sit or is afraid of them even if they are little dogs. I have never sen anything but a kind and loving dog. And he was in a shelter for over a year. The reasoning being that he loved little children and would sometimes jump on them. ( tddlers were in the home) His only fault is that he DIGS! We walk him in the morning, at night and usually take him to a park to run. He has a variety of toys...etc. But as soon as we leave the yard he digs a hole. Two questions: Anyone else have a pit that is gentle and tame? How to stop him from digging?
  • Can my adult dog get sick if he eats dog food? I have a 2 or 3 year old pit bull and a 9 month year old baby pit bulll.We ran out of food for my big dog and i have no money to go buy more foodsincee my parents left.So is it ok to give him puppy food for now.
  • How do i get my pit bull to not cry every time i leave the room? My boy is almost 5 months old and very attached to me. when i got him at 2 months he was very aggressive and we've been breaking that behavior but he has always been a cry baby. He will yelp and cry if i walk out of a room. he has plenty of toys to play with why can't he relax for just 5 minutes. He is crate trained and goes in the crate everyday when i go to work he only cries if he knows i'm still in the house. once im outside he stops crying and relaxes. Any suggustions?
  • I about to start a family. I want to buy a dog to hand out with and to be safe around. should I buy a Doberman? All my friends have pit bulls. I don't own a house with a yard. I have a two bed room apartment.
  • My dog is 1 years old with parvo, what is the survival rate? My 1 year old pit bull was tested positive for Parvo yesterday. I thought maybe it was because he drank my moms coffee and he was getting sick from that. He was throwing up yellow bile from Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning I decided I needed to get him checked out. I took him to an emergency animal hospital and he was then tested positive for Parvo, something I prayed her didn't have. I got him off a friend after his father died and his dog has pups. He told me the dogs already had 2 Parvo shots. So I paid for all his other shots & the last Parvo shot. Now I don't believe he gave any of the pups any of the Parvo vaccines, because my dog would of never caught Parvo. I am so sad, depressed, and overall frustrated. Basically I left the place I first took him too because they wanted $1,300.00 to hospitalize him for less than 24 hrs and then transfer him to my vet and pay the cost at the vet. I called an animal welfare society close to my house & they said they will take him in and treat him. I signed over my ownership of my baby so he can be treated. Once he gets better (which I am praying he does) I will be the first person notified to see if I would like to re-adopt him which I def am! I am just wondering how high are the chances of my dog surviving Parvo. He only had symptoms of shaking (all his legs shook like if he was having muscle spasms & throwing up yellow bile. No blood in vomit or stool.
  • Does anyone have any experience with Caracal cats as pets? My wife wants one and I just can't see having a cat that big as a good pet.. More info I also own two pit bulls.. I don't think they would have a problem with the cat but I would be worried about the cat hurting one of my dogs.. ( They are big babies lol)
  • How should I introduce my great dane to our newborn? My husband and I are expecting our first child in September. We have a 1 year old male great dane who is very sweet, and wonderful with children. However, he has been the center of the universe in our home. What can we do between now and September so it won't come as a huge shock to him when he doesn't get as much attention as he's accustomed to? He loves human contact, and he is quite nosey. I'm not worried about him ever hurting the baby, he is just a very overwhelming, imposing dog.