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boxer breeders questions answered!

  • Can somebody please provide me with a link to a top boxer breeder in the UK please? I'm looking for a reputable boxer breeder in the UK. If you could provide me with a link and even talk about your experience with the breeder, all would be appreciated.
  • Why do some boxer breeders kill their white puppies? I have been searching white boxer puppies online because I will be getting one Saturday. I came across this one website and it was this woman talking about being a boxer breeder and killing all the white boxers. She strongly believes that all white boxer puppies should be killed because that is what they did years back. And I wanted to know why they kill them and not just give them to a responsible owner that will take great care of them? I have researched the deafness thing and found that 25% of boxers are born white. 18% of white boxers are deaf, so that's like every one in five. The one I will be getting has been tested and is neither deaf or blind.
  • Are there any Boxer Breeders in Hampton Roads Virginia? Im looking for a boxer breeder in Va, and having a very hard time finding one. Does anyone know of a breeder. Because I dont trust the Pet Store in Greenbrier Mall.
  • Can someone help me find a boxer breeder? I am trying to find a reputable boxer breeder. Does anyone know of a boxer breeder within a hundred mile radius of Washington PA 15301? Thanks
  • Anyone know of a boxer breeder near the Mississauga or Toronto area? I am looking to adopt a boxer but I cant find a boxer breeder close enough. A pet store that sells boxers would be just as good. Please help thanks! :))
  • Do they have any breeders in Louisiana for miniature boxers? They do have mini boxer breeders in other states.
  • Are there any good boxer breeders in IL? I'm currently searching for a purebreed boxer certified breeder in IL. My boxer comes from a long line of show dogs and is 3 1/2 years old. His coloring is black brindle, with the regular white spots on his belly and paws. He has a black mask. However, I'm looking for someone who does fawn boxers because you have a better chance of brindle within lines if the female is fawn.
  • How can I tell if my Boxer is about to give birth? Our Female boxer was due around the 20th and she still hasn't had her pups. She is getting bigger each day, her udders are looking engorged, and she isn't eating as much. She is still super active and more livng than she has ever been. We have her her own pen, bedding, nand she even has air conditioning(milk jugs frozen) to keep the puppies cool when they are born. Her vulva is swollen--has been for about 2 weeks, but no pups yet. Ahe is starting to look like a mini cow and I am afraid she might get too big to comfortably have her puppies. This isn't our first litter, but it is her first and we want to make sure she is a good mother...the other dogs did fine when we let nature take its course. I don't want to check her temp b/c it would bother me. It is killing me to wait...We are a first generation Boxer breeder and this is like our kids having babies...the others were more like fostered dogs.
  • Where is Best Place To Find Boxers Puppies for Sale in New York? I recently moved to New York from Atlanta and love the parks and dog parks so now I am looking for a quality "Reputable" Boxer Breeders who offer a selection of Boxers for sale. If know of any Local breeder(s) offering "Puppy" (preferable 2-3 months of age) please assist.
  • Where can i buy a reverse sealed "black" Boxer puppy in Southern California? I don't want to have a puppy shipped to me from another state, does anyone know of a boxer breeder in Southern California. I'm looking for a reverse brindle,sealed brindle, black & white boxer puppy- whatever the technical name is.I will drive almost anywhere in California to pick the puppy up.