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boxer dog pictures questions answered!

  • What is a good picture somewhat exact picture of what a boxer/blue heeler mix look like? My blue heeler (girl) went to the neighbor's house and got pregnant by their boxer dog. I googled what they might look like but theres soo many dogs that don't look anything alike so I was wondering if anybody knew of what a kinda somwhat exact picture of the dogs would look like.
  • What breed of dog would you recomened for this lifestyle?? We have a BIG backyard, Were home most of the time, We love to give love, preferably a bigger sized dog, but not like the giant dogs such as a Saint Bernard, But like a boxer, I want it to be a sporty like dog, Pictures would be a great help. And experience!!!! Thnx!
  • How long does it take to get over a pet dying? Hello everyone My boxer dog, Levi, had to be put to sleep yesterday. He was so lovely, theres a picture of him on my 360 page. My question is how long did it take you to get over the death of a close family pet? I just miss the poor bugger HI Thanks for all the comments. I think it would be worth adding that I stil have 3 other boxers (including his brother and mother) so wont be getting a 'replacement' anytime soon. Thanks for all your kind words.
  • why is my boxer dog laying on my new pupping like he is trying to kill him? boxer dog is about 10 months old and i got a new puppy. my boxer is laying on her every chance he gets. it looks like he is trying to smother her.
  • How do you know if a dog has cancer and if it does what is the best way to treat it? About four months ago my dad found a white boxer bull dog mix puppy and after a search to find his owners we added him as a new member of our family. Since then we've had him neutered and treated for mange and fleas multiple times when we brought him to the vet they said he was about 9 months old. He's around 9 months old now and about a week ago I noticed a centimeter in diameter half centimeter width tumor like welt developing on his stomach that looks ALOT like cancer pictures found on Google and other websites. We haven't brought him to the vet yet but I'm worried that it may be to late he's not even a year old yet and he's still so full of life constantly playing with my other dogs and my dad. My mom has had minor skin cancer before and has had it surgically removed 'm hoping we can do the same or similar with meat ball but I don't have any idea on any of this. I've read through other peoples posts on related subjects and they're all about 12 and 13 year old dogs who have stopped being playful and eating he still constantly playing and eating WAY too much so that gives me hope it hasn't gone too far but if it has I want to know how to make the rest of his life as enjoyable as possible. PLEASE help me I'm still just a kid and I'm worried about my puppy.
  • Do you know how would a Half St. Bernard Half Boxer dog will look like? By next week someone is sending me a gift of a half saint bernard half boxer dog. He is one month old. Did you ever see something like that? Would he be cute?
  • Is there a Program for setting up web site? I want one with music and power point. I have a boxer dog business and people send us pictures of their dogs. So I would need to make a slide show of how the dogs from puppy to grown.
  • I want to have my boxer dog evaluated? I was wondering where I can find someone to evaluate my boxer dog's conformation. I show him in conformation shows, I have recently had him evaluated by my breed mentor and got a positive evaluation, but then my vet said quite the opposite so I'm looking for another opinion. I have pretty much decided my vet doesnt know what she's talking about as she doesn't show dogs so possibly doesnt know the breed standard. Can Anyone help me online?? Thanks in advance.
  • how do i search for a stud boxer i put in add in the past 3 years? I am searching for a photo of a boxer dog Zorro, I listed for stud service 3 years ago?
  • Procedure of How to buy a dog? I want to look for dogs, with pictures and prices. Does anybody know any good sites? If not can someone tell me the standard procedure of buying a dog, and what's the difference between adopting a dog as opposed to buying a dog?