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chihuahua rescue questions answered!

  • Where can I find a Chihuahua to rescue? I would like to rescue a Chihuahua. I am not interested in a puppy or back yard breeders. If you know of a reputable Chihuahua rescue organization or if you know of a Chihuahua that needs a good home, please let me know. Thank you.
  • How can I get my rescue dog to play and stop laying down 24/7? I just adopted a 5 year old chihuahua rescue who was abused and used for breeding, living her life in a tiny cage. She is so sweet and although timid, she has warmed up to me. But I worry that she is depressed. She has been checked by the vet and is healthy, but she just wants to lay down all the time. Will she ever be happy again and actually move around? I want to be the best mommy to her I can be. How can I get her to be happy?
  • How many parents are going to go out and buy their kid a chihuahua now? How many parents are going to go out and buy their kid a chihuahua now? I hope the chihuahua rescue groups are ready for the influx of abandoned dogs a couple months after this movie comes out.
  • What kind of symptoms will a dog have after being spayed if she was pregnant? Our Chihuahua rescue was spayed this last week...she is now acting like her little stuffed toys are "babies" and growls at anything and anyone who gets near her bed. Could the drop in hormones, or a possible pregnancy before the spaying cause this behavior? Her incision looks good, she runs around normally, so we don't suspect she is feeling bad.
  • Where can i find chihuahuas in my area? I was wondering if anyone knew of any chihuahua rescues? In ohio?
  • where can find a chihuahua on long island? other then petfinder and craigslist or the chihuahua rescue? I really would prefer the chihuhaua coming from someones home.
  • Who founded Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego? Chihuahua Rescue of Southern California (CRSC) is the DBA (doing business as) or secondary name given to a dog rescue organization in San Diego, CA. The Primary name is Del Dios Sheltie Rescue (DDSR). DDSR was started in 1991 by a small group of people in Ramona, Ca. In 2003, Ann Pollock became director of Del Dios Sheltie Rescue and began calling the group Chihuahua Rescue Group of San Diego. Soon afterwards, she had CRSD added as a secondary names. Her rescue has focused on Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes. Ann files federal taxes for the group under Del Dios Sheltie Rescue with Chihuahua Rescue noted as the secondary name. Ann often refers to herself as the Director/ Founder of Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego? Is Ann the true founder of CRSD or are the people who originally started DDSR the true founders.
  • Attributing human mental illness characteristics to dogs? While googling Chihuahua rescue groups to answer a YA question, I came across a website listing a "special needs" dog. They described the dog as being "Autistic", and having "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder". Do you think it is possible for dogs to have these types of mental illnesses? Or do you think it's another example of "humanizing" dogs? How do you feel about rescue groups/shelters making these diagnoses? Is it helpful? Dangerous? Insane? How do you think they come to these diagnoses?
  • A friend abandoned her dog with me, now what do I do with it? My former roommate moved back to Alaska, and left her dog with me, promising to send for it. It's been a month, and she finally emailed me to let me know that she couldn't send for it, and to find it a new home. "It" is a small Chihuahua mix, about 4 pounds, female, unspayed, no shots or any kind of medical care. I need to find her a new home. Is anyone here into Chihuahua rescue, or would be interested in giving her a new home? Would it be mean of me just to surrender her to the shelter? Being that she is a small dog, I'm nearly positive she will find a good home. My "friend" has never given me a single dime to pay for this dog's care, and the dog is getting a bit expensive. I've tried the local small dog rescue, but they weren't able to take her. What do you all think I should do? The main issue is that I have to rehome her by the end of the month, because I'm moving, and there is no place in the new house to put her. Thanks for your imput! We live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and if anyone is interested in adopting her, I'd be glad to drive a few hours for them to meet her.