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pit bull rescue questions answered!

  • Where can I find a pit bull rescue center in North Carolina? I want to work at a pit bull rescue place in NC and I don't know where one is! So please help me!! I love the breed and want to help others!
  • How can I get help starting a Pit Bull rescue in Springfield, IL? I'm very interested in starting a Pit Bull rescue in Springfield, IL. I would also like to do a march around the capital to raise awareness of abused Pit Bulls and help raise funds to start the Pit Bull rescue. How would I go about doing this?
  • How to find the right pit bull rescue? I work at an animal shelter and my boss gave me the challenge of finding a pit bull rescue near us. If i do not find a pit rescue we will have to continue to put these dogs down, because in our city pit bulls are not allowed. dose anyone have a site that shows pit bull rescues in oklahoma. Your answers will be greatly appriciated We are the animal welfare society we dont have a humain society close to here we have a petfinder account so that wont work
  • Are there any Pit bull rescues in Fayetteville nc? I am a college student getting ready to go home for the summer. I live in Fayetteville,NC and I was curious to know if anyone knew of some Pit Bull rescue centers in Fayetteville. I absolutely LOVE Pit Bulls and know a lot about the breed ( studied the breed since middle school). It would be my dream and an absolute honor to personally work with and help rescue this specific breed of dog. If anyone has some information please let me know. Thanks!
  • Why are some pit bulls bigger and more muscular than others? I've been looking on pit bull rescue sites and have noticed that a lot of these dogs look less muscular than most of the pit bulls I have seen in person. I am looking into rescuing an american pit bull terrier because I want a smart dog and I think pit bulls are adorable. I'm just wondering why some look like body builder dogs and some have slimmer, less muscular body types.
  • How can I help pit bulls not get euthanized by my humane society? The Michigan Humane Society has a kill policy on all pit bulls and pit bull mixes. It kills me to think of how many pits are being destroyed because of human beings not wanting to go after those at fault and instead just destroying the dogs. I want to know how i can help get them out of the humane society before they are killed so i can get them to a pit bull rescue. I would also like to know how to eliminate this anti pit bull legislation that is being put in place or has already been set up. thanks.
  • where do you start in life to own a pit bull rescue? I am 19yrs old and at the point in my life where im not sure where it will take me. What I do know is I have a strong love for pit bulls and dream of having my own pit bull rescue. Only I don't know where to I need serious advice. wow answer # 1...thats a homework help website....
  • How do I raise newborn Pit Bulls less than a week old that have no mother? A very close friend of mine had a Pit Bull that just gave birth to 9 puppies in the last 72 hours. She died earlier today while being rushed to the Vet E.R. Does anyone know an organization that could help with this or have any tips on how to save these puppies lives? I have checked the websites for pit bull rescue and most of the links are for people wanting to adopt pits. Any guidance would be immensely appreciated.
  • Would anyone in the state Of VA be interested in fostering or adopting a rescue pit bull? I run a pit bull rescue in the Tidewater area. I am always looking for foster or adopyive parents. I can only save as many as I can foster.
  • Can anyone help me with ideas about starting my own dog rescue center? I am a younger person that has the dream to open a Pit Bull Rescue Center when i get older. I am totally in love with the breed and think that it is horrible that they have to be stuck with the reputation that they have. This is my passion and i intend on going through with it. I plan to start the planning process now so in the future i know what im doing and where im going with it. Thank you for all your help. (: