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long haired chihuahua questions answered!

  • How much is a pure bread long haired chihuahua? i would like an estimate on how much a long haired chihuahua would be because im looking at getting one as soon as i pass math class. we own a zoo and have over 20 000 animals. but i really think i need another dog in my life. so if anyone knows a good breeder in manitoba with reasonable prices. let me know!
  • How much is an average long haired chihuahua? Im looking into buying a long haired chihuahua. The puppy store i would buy it from is selling it for 799.00. Is that a good price? The puppy is a boy and does not have any papers.
  • What type of brush for a long haired chihuahua pup? Hi there, I am getting my first chihuahua girl pup soon and I was wondering what type of brush is best to use on her? She is a long haired chihuahua but tiny and obviously she wont have as long hair as bigger dogs. Ive been to Pets at Home but there are so many brushes I wondered if anyone has a reccomendation
  • why is my long haired chihuahua losing his coat? We purchased a long haired chihuahua who was very fluffy, like a little pomeranian. He is now losing his coat and he looks awful. You can see the pink of his skin right through it. Is this normal? He is now 14 weeks old. He is not a "blue" chihuahua. He is cream/white. I was told that long haired puppies will "blow" their puppy coat and then their adult coat should come in. I just want to know if this is accurate information.
  • How often should i wash my long haired chihuahua? i have a long haired chihuahua just wondering how often i should wash him. some people say dont, some people say weekly, monthly, twice a month. Id like to do it every 2 weeks, but is this too much?at the moment i do it once a month
  • Would a long haired Chihuahua be hard on pet allergies? I want my grandma to have a dog, but she has pet allergies. Cats, bad, dogs, not too bad. She lives alone in a building that allows small dogs. I want her to find something cute. I know Chihuahuas are usually non-allergy dogs, but would a long haired Chihuahua be ok? If not, please will you give me some other ideas? Thanks!
  • Where can i get a long haired female chihuahua for under $500 in Brisbane Australia? My parents are going to get me a long haired chihuahua for christmas and thhey can find one under $500 that is in queensland. It needs to be female. Also if there are any short haired males availiable i would like to know where from please?
  • Why is my one pound long haired Chihuahua shaking so bad? I just got my long haired Chihuahua yesterday. he stops after a while but once you pick him up he starts shaking. Just different times he starts shaking. He barks a lot too! Is there anyway I can make him stop barking(later on down the road because he is too young) and help him stop shaking?
  • Is it normal for a long haired chihuahua to lose her hair? My dad has a long haired chihuahua,she is almost 3 years old. She has started losing hair on her two hind legs and on her butt. I thought it might be from her constantly sitting up on her two hind legs(she waits for my dad at the door when ever he leaves and she always sits on her hind legs until he returns). But now she's losing hair on her lower back as well is this normal?
  • My long haired chihuahua has started to lose hair around her nose. Is this a problem her Vet needs to look at? Over the past two weeks my long haired chihuahua has started to lose hair around her nose. Her skin doesn't look red or irritated, but I can tell that she's losing more and more hair. Is this a problem her Vet needs to look at?