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pug puppies questions answered!

  • How old should pug puppies be to take them away from their mother? I want to adopt pug puppies but I don't know how old they should be before I take them away from their mom.
  • Why the difference in price on these pug puppies? I want a small dog, and the little pugs are just too cute. I was wondering why, I found 2 different named pug puppies, one micro (5000,) and one just miniature, (950.) Why the big difference and price, and are these different, or the same thing?
  • How to choose a pug puppy? I am in the process of buying a black female pug puppy. I have already chosen a (responsible) breeder, and am wondering what I should look for when choosing the puppy I want from the litter. Any good/bad signs to look out for? Should I avoid choosing the runt of the litter? (I've heard good & bad things about runts). What are the desirable & undesirable traits I could be looking for? Also, what age should pug puppies typically be when they are released to their new owners? (I realize this can vary depending on the readiness of the puppy). Thanks for any and all advice....
  • How much to feed a pug puppy that is 6 weeks old? I got a 6 week old pug puppy 2 days ago and I was wondering how many times they need to get if it is 2-4 times a day. She eats good and does her business good. The person who I bought her from said that her vet said it was okay that they left the mother and went to their new homes. Anyways, all I want to know is the feeding. The lady I got her from said she feed them 3 times a day. Is 2 or 3 enough?
  • Where can I find cheap Pug puppies that have recently been born? My mum is thinking about getting me a dog for my birthday at the end of May and I really want a Pug but I can't find any for sale cheap enough. My mum said she will pay around 300 pound for a dog and my brother said he will pay some towards it too, so I probably wont be able to get a dog for anymore than 500 pounds at the most. I live in England, in the West Midlands and I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find cheap Pug puppies for sale sort of near where I live that would be ready to go to a new home around my birthday. Thank you.
  • How do you get a pug puppy to quit biting? I have a pug puppy that is 9 weeks old and he bites alot. I have had people tell me to give him a little flick when he bites or blow in his face when he starts biting but I just dont think those ways are very nice. Is there anything else that will work?
  • I have sold a pug puppy to a lady who now claims the puppy has a hernia? I am from south wales and I have recently had a litter of 5 pug puppies. This is my first time at breeding. This was not a decision I took lightly and I am not going to do it again simply because it was something I wanted to experience as well as my dog. The pregnancy went really well and my pug had 5 healthy pug puppies. I can assure you that I love my pug more than anything and when it came to selling the pups I was more interested in them going to someone who would love them, than making no off her. I would of kept them all! Anyway... One out of 5 of the pups had a hernia. Which I made aware to everyone who was interested in my pups, even pointing it out to them. However I sold a different pup to a lady, and 6 weeks late she says her pup has a hernia and she wants compensation for shock of finding this out because she planned to breed from this pup, and now can't and money back for the operation! I can honestly say I never knew her pup had a hernia, I simply did not. They were all vet checked more than 3 times from birth to the time they were sold. Now.. I have offered her a full refund for the pup if she hands it back and have said how sorry I am. She accepted this offer but never turned up in days and times arranged. So I took back my offer. The pup is now 15weeks old. Have have been sent threats from her about her husband coming to me work place and I really don't know what else I can do?? I didn't know about the hernia and I am pretty sure it wasn't there when I sold the pup. Besides from that I was happy to refund her in full and have the puppy back. Please help? Any advice. Even if people may say I am in the wrong. Thank you x
  • How can i get my 4 month old Pug Puppy to stop chasing and wrestling with my 2 year old cat? I have a 4 month old Pug and a 2 year old cat. My Pug puppy will jump and wrestle with the cat and wont quit. Even when the cat hisses or growls at him. If the cat does hiss or growl he just yips at him. I can tell they are playing and he isnt hurting him, but he will only stop if I yell really loudly. Are there any other methods?
  • What to expect the first few days of having a pug puppy? My fiancee and I are getting a pug puppy tomorrow!! We are both so excited! I was just wondering what we can expect for the first few days after we bring him home? Also, we have set up an area in the laundry for him to sleep and are going to try and get him into a routine (eg going to the toilet, meal times, etc) from the start.
  • Why does my pug puppy bark at everyone and every animal but my family and I? My pug puppy barks at every person/animal but she doesn't bark at me or my family (that also live with her). But even after she barks she's nice to the people she's barking at. Why is she like this?