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pug dogs questions answered!

  • In Pug dogs, how common is the form of granulomatous meningoencephalitis called pug dog encephalitis? Are there any statistics on how many Pug dogs, of ALL pug dogs everywhere, get this disease?
  • How do i know if its pure pug blood? what do i look for when buying a pug dog? I am looking at a litter of pugs from a breader, which its only her second litter.The mother of this litter has maltize blood in her from her mum she looks like a pure pug but the eyes are not as poped in and her nose not so flat other than that u wouldnt know any different. The father is a pure pug dog. The puppy pug im interested in looks like its mother but im scared later on when it grows up can it change and look more like a maltize dog ??? Is it bad to have mixed blood with maltize but its from the mother's mum??? Also is it true pug dogs dont open there mouth and pant with there tounge's out?
  • How do I get my pug dog to behave on walks? My neutered, 3 yr. old male pug dog has all of the sudden started acting crazy on dog walks. He wants to attack other dogs and now people he sees running, biking, skateboarding or on motorcycles. He even sometimes wants to attack people not doing anything but walking. He goes into this ridiculous howl and vicious bark that is so embarrassing. He even bit a kid at the park that came running at us? He used to act this way because he wanted to smell the other dogs but now if we let him get close he wants to fight them???
  • What are the temperatures that a Pug Dog can withstand? I have a pug dog, I am wondering how cold it will be before it is too cold for him to be outside longer than a potty break.
  • What are some good words to describe a pug dog? I need some words (adjectives, I guess?) to describe pug dogs.. any suggestions?
  • My one & a half years old pug dog has no wrinkles on its fache. Does it already over the age of creating it? I have a pug dog of one and a half years old. But till it has no wrinkles on its face. Now i am confused that its not a "original" pug. Please say me that, does it already over the age of creating wrinkles? And if yes, is there any other solution to create it?
  • How can i get my parents to buy me a pug dog? I have been wanting my own black little pug dog! I already have two goldfish in a 10 gallon tank but i want a dog! I have talked to my parents about it and they said no because they need the money for christmas and i tried suggesting that we get the dog as a christmas gift and they still said no and that i would have to wait until next year because we just put our other dog to sleep because he was ill. Im so frustrated!!! I really don't give a f u c k what my parents say, i just want my pug dog! And i want it right now! I have been asking for a lot of things lately, like for more fishees for my tank! And they said i would have to wait until after christmas! This is complete bullcrap! I want a pug dog and i am sick of waiting!!! Please just tell me what i can do to get my parents to get me a pug dog now!!! Is there any spell that might make them get me a pug dog???! Please help!!! Im not fucking twelve! Im 16!!!
  • Why does my pug dog keep on sleeping the full day? My pug dog keeps on lying down or keeps on sleeping the whole day in my drawing room.He is not at all active.Why so?whereas he also sleeps properly at night.
  • How many pug dogs in the world? ? How many pug dogs are there in the world today? (Please don't guess, I'd love a data source if you could provide it.) The number would be an estimate of the population, much like the estimate of the population of a country. To those of you posting ridiculous answers, thank you for reducing the quality of Yahoo! Answers as a resource.
  • How long do "pug" dogs (male) usually live for? I have a pug dog, that is acting very strange, almost like he has alzheimers, doesnt hop up when other dogs are outside, when he use to, dazed, confused, and usually he is very active, does anyone know what this might be from? Thank You