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pug rescue questions answered!

  • What is the best way to train a VERY stubborn pug? So a little over a month ago, my family adopted a 3 year old female pug from a pug rescue. Her name is Dorothee and other then sit, she knows next to nothing. We are working on teaching her leave it first because she eats anything and everything. Not only that but she is extremly hyper. She's a like a little toddler. Anyway I have tried clicker training with treats and that did next to nothing when training her. What do yall think it the best way to train a very stubborn pug?
  • Where can I find pugs for sale in Minnesota? I'm looking for a fawn colored female pug. If you know of any good reputable breeders in Minnesota, any pug rescue shelters, any shelters with actual pugs please let me know. I'm really looking for a puppy, not an adult. If any one can help that would be great! Thank you!
  • How can I teach my 3 year old pug, who refuses to lay down, to lay down? So I have had my pug for about a week now. We adopted her from a local pug rescue. When she came she didn't know any commands. Now she knows all but lay down. She refuses to learn the command lay down. I have tried putting her in a sit position, and having her nose follow the treat down to the floor, but she gets up and does not lay down. I have tried forcing her by putting pressure on her shoulders while she's in a sit position, same thing happens though. She refuses, and gets into a standing position. I, honestly, don't know how I can teach her to lay down. I use clicker training when I am training her. How can I teach my 3 year old female pug, who refuses to lay down, to lay down?
  • This might sound dumb but how do you even open your own rescue place for dogs? I would love to open my own Pug rescue or even a Cat rescue but how do you even begin the process?
  • Any Pug owners have suggestions for a new pug owner? I'm adopting a Pug very soon (from a local Pug Rescue) and I was wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions for me who has experience with Pugs. I'm soo excited to get a Pug! :)
  • Can you clean a dog's spay site after sutures are removed? I was told that her sutures were too tight and the bumps that showed up after they were removed would go down...most have (those are under the skin) but a new one popped up that looks more like a blister with clear liquid on top of the skin. She has an e collar on and cannot bother them anymore. I adopted her and she came to me with these stiches from the pug rescue group.
  • Is a pug a good first time dog? I'm interested in getting a Pug, from a pug rescue center, when I graduate from my university in a few months. I had dogs all growing up, but never a pug; I just find them so endearing! Does anyone know if this is a smart first apartment dog?
  • Where can I get a pug for less than $100 in houston,tx? My mom is looking into getting a pug or pug rescue for less than $100. I live in houston, tx if anybody knows of a place near here where I can get one that would be great. Thanks! P.S please include a website and/or pics if you can. :)
  • Why don't more people use rescue organization to get their dogs? I volunteer for a pug rescue league and don't think I will ever buy another dog from a breeder. Most all breeds have rescue organizations and when you get a dog from them, they have had most major health problems taken care of and have been fixed and their shots. We have 2 pugs that we adopted, and 1 we bought as pup. There really is no difference in their behavior. In fact the rescue pugs are better behaved then our original pug. They are all precious.
  • I am about to adopt an adult pug. Is Eukanuba healthy for a pug and should I mix it with other dog food? I have owned cats before but not pugs and I am getting this particular pug from a rescue shelter. The pug is a healthy adult. I was thinking about trying Eukanuba small breed however, I am not sure whether this is a good idea and whether I should be mixing different pet food together or not? Please help. I want to keep this pug healthy.